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  • StudioBrooklyn

    I feel bad that my response to you got so many upvotes—please know that I wasn’t taking umbrage at your comment about Plymouth, just gently examining it. I’m not into the idea of increasing our population density, so i want to emphasize the increasing openness of that playground. The fences are there for insurance reasons I’m sure, not to keep the neighborhood kids out.

  • Banet

    I expect that this year more than any other people will be moving to the suburbs between now and the beginning of the school year — assuming the school year begins. :-/

  • Banet

    Oh, and the year the list hit 50 or so pretty much all the kids who wanted in eventually got in. Considering all of Dumbo was removed from the district the waitlist must be pretty short this year and I expect everyone will get in with no problem.

  • Andrew Porter

    None. Sorry, this should have been posted on the April Fool’s Day Open Thread…

  • Andrew Porter

    Hey, I’m from Michigan, and many people there—especially those in the Ann Arbor area, site of the University of Michigan—are just as liberal as the people in NYC.

    I suggest stretching a length of piano wire across the sidewalk, with a warning notice. Walkers will see the wire and duck; runners will self-guillotine themselves.

    Problem solved!

  • Andrew Porter

    I’ve seen this behavior before, often on the doors in the alcoves on 60 Pineapple Street. You’d think people who can’t hold it would use a container from a nearby trash basket, but noooo….

  • L

    OK, you’re right. I withdraw the “trash” remark. “Self absorbed” and “solipsistic” are just descriptions of fact, not name-calling.

  • L

    Jogging and running, as practiced on Joralemon Street and, to some extent, in the park, are not “solitary” exercise.

    You’re right, of course, that we should do our best to meet people with kindness. I think most of us would understand that to mean not putting our neighbors at risk for a quite possibly life-threatening sickness.

    As to confronting people, I mean verbally only. As someone who is 60+, with multiple joint replacements and implants, and a history of heart disease, I’m not only in a high-risk group, I’m not a physical threat to anyone. But I do think that those who behave in dangerous, anti-social ways should be shamed.

  • PS 8 parent

    There are several students who reside in DUMBO who eventually received seats at PS8. So the in-zoned students were all offered seats at some point and then those that went unfilled went to out of zone kids. This is the case for the current kindergarten and 1st grade.

  • CJ

    Thank you!!

  • Arch Stanton
  • ColumbiaHeightster

    I run…with a mask. It’s really annoying and I’d rather not have to, but these are the rules of engagement now. You are totally right. Not wearing a mask is completely selfish these days.

  • GHB

    Name calling? You have feet, so trip them! Going down Joralemon, I bet they’d roll pretty far! See? No need to resort to name calling.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    I am confused. Can someone explain to me how the market is at the same level it was last August with all the turmoil economically? Isn’t the market suppose to reflect the technicals a little bit? Is my experience in New York City encapsulating a very provincial viewpoint? Dow over 24,000. Insane.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Never mind. I text this when market was up 400. Now it is down.

  • Mike Suko

    You were right the first time…. The wonder isn’t (however many billions it equates to) whether “the market” is up or down 1-3% in a given day.

    It’s whether – as I think you and I happen to agree – there’s a serious disconnect between what we’re seeing and feeling … and what “Mr. Market” is!

    I read a lot – thank heavens, I never got into the habit of 6+ hours of stock market TV – and the jury is out. Some smart-sounding people (at a minimum, they’ve given this thought and are looking back to “similar” situations) think “we’ve seen the worst” in some regards … and that if the recovery resembles a “V,” stocks are cheap.

    Others pretty much take the opposite view. And yes, maybe, the truth will fall somewhat between those 2 poles.

    Funny footnote – because some of the posts in this thread were about the BH farmer’s market, I started reading your post with a “HOW can anyone say that ‘it’s like last August?’ when on beautiful last Saturday, 20 people total were there and vendors were going home at 2 PM?

    WE NEED SOME OF YOUR PHOTOS AND VIDEOS – now, more than ever!