Starting May 1, No Composting or Electronics Pickups

Our friends at Community Board 2 have advised us that, because of budget cuts related to COVID-19, the City Department of Sanitation will no longer pick up food scraps or yard waste for composting. Instead, they will be collected with other trash. Residents are advised to store the brown composting receptacles in secure places. This suspension of composting collection is presently scheduled to last through June 30, 2021. Also, the Department is suspending appointments to pick up electronic waste.

All other trash and recycling collections will continue on their normal schedule.

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  • Andrew Porter

    Maybe I can dump my collected organic waste into the rat holes along the back of the Promenade. I’m sure they’ll be eagerly accepted by their residents.

    Kitchen sink garbage disposals were banned for NYC apartments in the 1970s, because NYC thought older pipes couldn’t handle the ground-up trash. The ban was overturned in 1997, but a lot of condos and co-ops still ban their use.

    I know rats everywhere are squeekily cheering the DoS decision, as are these guys:

  • Banet

    June 30, 2021. So 13 months of no composting. :-/

  • Claude Scales

    My surmise is that this is because it’s tied to a cut in DSNY’s budget, so it’s scheduled to last through a fiscal year.

  • Alix

    Does anyone know of any other composting options in the neighborhood or nearby as an interim solution until the Greenmarkets start accepting compost drop-off again? Perhaps someone with a compost pile in their garden or backyard?

  • aeshtron

    Wish I had somewhere to put my compost as it’s starting to take over my freezer and I feel bad landfilling it.

  • Justin Racz

    We need a Mr. Compost truck, like the Good Humor truck.

  • Alix

    There’s an online petition started to encourage de Blasio to reconsider this decision. Please sign if you’re willing to support!