Cobble Hill Health Center Has 55 Possible COVID-19 Deaths

The Eagle carries an AP story reporting that the Cobble Hill Health Center, a nursing home located at 380 Henry Street, has topped the list of recent deaths in nursing homes in New York State during the COVID-19 pandemic, with 55 deaths reported to date. Cobble Hill LifeCare, which manages the Health Center, issued a press release dated yesterday that states, in part, as follows:

Although we’ve had an increase in deaths during the past few weeks, we have not been able to confirm that the deaths are specifically related to Covid-19. Any deaths we’ve reported have been based on the possibility of Covid-19 being a factor. Because Covid-19 testing in skilled nursing facilities has been extremely difficult to obtain, there is no uniform measure to determine conclusively whether Covid-19 was a contributing factor in a resident’s death.

Published lists of deaths in skilled nursing facilities are inaccurate and based on subjective criteria. It is our belief that there is a widespread underreporting of deaths due to Covid-19.

Nursing home operators interviewed for the AP story, which didn’t include those of the Cobble Hill facility although the story notes AP tried to contact them, said the large number of deaths reflected the fragility of the homes’ residents and the facilities’ difficulty in obtaining protective equipment.

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  • Reggie

    I think the perspective that has been missing in other reports comes from Stephen Hanse, president and CEO of the New York State Health Facilities Association and the New York State Center for Assisted Living, who said:

    “Outbreaks are not the result of inattentiveness or a shortcoming in our facilities. The very nature of long-term care is a high touch environment where social distancing is not an option. Staff are helping residents with bathing, dressing, eating and other personal daily needs.”

  • BrooklynHeightzer

    This place is a horror house as it is…and in general, it is appalling to see the people who built this country are allowed to rot away neglected in the nursing homes! No regard for the old in this culture.

  • Remsengal93

    My dad lives around the block from this place and we’ve been staying with him. I know someone who passed away recently at the nursing home. They told his wife (who lives in the same building as my dad) that they didn’t know “If it is pneumonia or covid”.

    Since we’ve been staying at my dads place, we used to walk around the block. During this past month of lock down, the front and sides of the place have been littered with gloves and masks, some even as close as the front door. Not saying that itself contributed to the problem but you would think they’d be more sanitary especially there. I heard there are multiple cleaning people in the facility. Can’t they sweep that stuff up ?

  • aeshtron

    TLDR – my family had a good experience with CHHC.

    My elderly Mom was in CHHC twice for sub-acute rehab. She has also been in another facilty for sub-acute rehab. We found CHHC to be full of caring, hard-working and diligent employees. The CHHC PT workers were fantastic.
    CHHC wasn’t perfect but it was considerably better than the other newer and fancier facility. The staff was receptive to our concerns and responded appropriately as well as quickly. IMHO, the key to getting good care at a nursing home is to be very involved, it was a rare day that my beautiful Mom didn’t have at least one visitor and we regularly spoke respectfully with the staff to let them know we appreciated their efforts and that we were closely watching the care my Mom was receiving. COVID19 must be a nightmare for these facilities! Generally, in my limited experience, nursing home staff are dedicated employees who have very difficult jobs.

  • BrooklynHeightzer

    I suppose you only recently arrive to the US. Last week?

  • Reggie

    My experience with CHHC was pretty much the same as aeshtron’s, based on three one-month stays. fyi, I have lived here since the local economy was as bad as it is going to be this fall.

  • aeshtron

    @ Brooklyn Heightzer — Please meditate, have a glass of wine, call a friend or light up a fat spliff to celebrate 4/20 — those activities might make you feel better then slinging poorly constructed insults at internet strangers who have different opinions than yours.

    Your response might be more impactful if you used proper tenses and full sentences.
    “I suppose you only recently arrive to the US. Last week?” doesn’t quite convince me of how wrong I am.

    Funny how oftentimes those who express negative views of recent immigrants do so with atrocious English.

    Gave you a thumbs up because you made me lol and improved my day : )

  • BrooklynHeightzer

    Thanks for pointing out the typo, I am also sorry you did not like what I had said – It obviously bothered you.

    Regrettably, your post sounds more like a poorly worded, replete with numerous syntactic and grammatical errors, canned advertisement for a nursing home.

    I wish I could say LOL to your gibberish, but I, unlike you, don’t find the situation where 55 people have just died to be a hilarious affair!

  • Jorale-man

    I know they do a lot for the residents here in terms of activities there – an annual Halloween parade viewing outside, trips to Cobble Hill Park and BBP, etc. I don’t think they’re negligent by design, but it is an old facility with a lot of shared rooms among residents. Social distancing is difficult to carry out and staff may be stretched thin. Hope they can get things in order quickly and keep it safe for the people there.

  • Reggie

    Brooklyn Daily Eagle story, “Overwhelmed care facility in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill wins public show of support for hard-working staff.”