Open Thread Wednesday 4/29/09

BHB Photo Club pic by pb2351

BHB Photo Club pic by pb2351

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  • Jackie

    I moved to Brooklyn Heights recently and will soon be having some visitors. Can you recommend any inns or bed and breakfasts in the neighborhood? I know that the Marriott is in the area, but I’d rather go with a smaller (and potentially less expensive) option. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Claude Scales

    Jackie: Ben Bankson has a B&B at 14 Willow Place. 718-237-0339

  • alex

    What’s the name of the pet store just west of the Clark Street 2, 3 entrance? I saw pictures of some dogs in the window this morning that I want to call about adopting, but my memory and google are both failing me!

    (Also, if anyone knows of a young beagle or similar sized dog that needs a loving owner, send info my way. I’m shocked at how difficult it is to find a dog in NYC if you want to adopt rather than buy and don’t want something that’s 100 pounds!)

  • AEB

    Alex, it’s NYC Pet at 57 Clark. A fave of mine, as their prices on cat food are particularly cheap. Also friendly

  • alex

    Thanks AEB! Unfortunately for me, it turns out those dogs weren’t available for adoption but were the pets of customers…

  • AEB

    Alex, check out ROWF, a dog store at the SE corner of Hicks and Middagh. They post for-adoption signs all the time, in the window, and also inside.

    The owner is also very attuned to nabe animal adoptions…

  • Matt

    Are there any events going on Memorial Day in or around Brooklyn Heights?

  • maryg3960

    Beagle lover — there is a very cute smallish beagle mix listed on the Catahoula rescue web site (Southern hound dogs of which I have 2.) Go to, and look at “Monday’s Dogs” a list of dogs in kill shelters around the US. The Beagle is a very cute mix at a shelter in CT. If you fill out a foster or adoption application from Catahoula rescue, they will give you lots of extra help and guidance. I’m not sure where in CT the shelter is, but you can find out more via the web site.

    Good luck and please keep us posted.

  • alex

    Thanks Maryg! The phone number didn’t work but I sent off an application from the website. Unfortunately dozens of other applications I’ve sent off all seemed to end up in a black hole, but here’s hoping this one’s different!

  • Teresa

    While the most aesthetic place in the world, Brooklyn Animal Care and Control always has animals for adoption. Talk about animals who need a good home! There are fees involved, and it’s a little bureaucratic, but I’d give them a shot. I worked with them a lot when someone abandoned four cats in the lobby of my building.

  • localartist

    Hello folks, please visit Brooklyn Historical Society this weekend(5/2-5/3), New York Creates is going to have a Mother’s Day crafts fair. You’ll find a lot of interesting stuff there.

  • maryg3960

    Alex — please try the number listed under “Andy the Beagle Mix” in Monday’s Dogs. Th # is for Janeen, one of the main rescue people at Catahoula Rescue. Warning– the number is in Montana. There are some other nice smaller dogs ther as well — I just thought of Andy since he’s a beagle mix and is nearby. However, they can often organize flying in a dog from elsewhere in the US through their rescue transport network — my younger pup came from Texas via Continental.

    If you speak w/Janeen, please tell her Mary G from Bklyn sent you.

  • GHB

    Alex, were you the one who stopped me (and my dog) on Columbia Heights yesterday to ask about adoption? There really isn’t a place in the neighborhood, but ASPCA and The Humane Society are right in Manhattan, along with North Shore on the Island…

  • Curious

    What is going on with all of the construction on Cranberry St at Henry? Seems like the same thing is happening on Orange. Is this for Fios? Or something else?

  • Ivan

    Have you noticed that Sammorro (sp?) and Mohammad are no longer at Key Food – heard the owners paid out a hefty some to settle with them. Couldn’t have happened to two nicer guys – will only miss seeing them and having them brighten my day….

  • Kay Corkett

    I don’t know if anyone loves books as much as I do, but the First Unitarian Church on Pierrepont Street is having a blowout booksale on May 8 and 9 — thousands of books all organized in 40-50 categories. Lots of fun. Hope to see you there.

  • alex

    GHB — Not me, but maybe next time it will be. =)

  • cre

    Can someone please enlighten me as to why so many old timers in the Heights hate the developer Walentas? What has he perpetrated on the Heights? Why do people think his projected mid-rise building in DUMBO will detract from the Brooklyn Bridge when the models and renderings of the project indicate no such thing? I can understand why DUMBO residents losing their views would be upset, but why are the oldsters in the Heights upset?
    The only reason a building was not built there years ago was because it was an unwanted wasteland. But now it’s DUMBO, is that what is upsetting the older generation? A new neighborhood even richer than theirs?

  • my2cents

    cre – i am under 30 and i think the building should be stopped. the models and renderings are misleading (as are the opposition’s rednerings). As a design professional i can tell you that pictures can lie and be manipulated to get across what the creators want.
    I would suggest you go and walk across the bridge and look down where that footprint of that building will be and then trvael up with your eyes. you will see that the empire state building would no longer be visible from the causeway of the bridge. I think that is a shame. there is no need for any buildign there. it isn’t an empty lot. If they build something, just keep it below the roadway, and i’ll support it 100%

  • cre

    2cents, I think you are mistaken. it is the opposition’s drawings that are misleading. the architect’s drawings seem far more accurate to me. By the way, the architectural firm is the one that restored the main building at Ellis Island, who restored Grand Central Terminal, and who rehabilitated all the old factory buildings in DUMBO, as well as many buildings in SOHO and TRIBECA. They are overseeing the restoration of many federal buildings in DC. in short, the best known preservation firm in New York, the firm’s name is Beyer Blinder Belle. Do you really think they are doctoring their drawings?

  • Kyle Arnold

    Just tried pizza Reginella for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. Fantastic pizza- I don’t mean the novelty french fry hot dog pizza, just the regular plain pizza. By far the best pizza I’ve been able to get by delivery in the Heights so far and needs to be more widely known.

  • beth

    Great small dog rescue org —

  • brooklynite

    why wouldn’t they doctor their renderings to get what they want? I believe my2cents also stated that the opposition’s rendering were misleading as well. I am also under 30, grew up in this neighborhood and can tell you that I am not for the building. The newly constructed buildings in DUMBO have changed the views from brooklyn drastically (from the bridge, from the ground, from apartments, from the highway, etc). And when I say changed I mean completely blocked.

    Part of the beauty of DUMBO was the old warehouses and buildings. It gave the neighborhood such a unique feel. It was a “cool” place even before it became discovered. It they keep on building these monstrosities it will change the feel of DUMBO completely. They do not seem interested in preserving anything.

  • exclark andwillow

    I wonder how many people in 1870 complained about how that monsterous bridge was going to destroy their community and block the views they had enjoyed for decades?

  • Nelson

    exclark…..the architecture and history of the Brooklyn Bridge is classic, that of the surrounding new and cheaply constructed “luxury” bldgs is certainly not. Which would you rather look at?

  • Word to the Wise

    CRE = Two Trees plant.

    Don’t feed the trolls.

  • nabeguy

    Just when you thought that the acrimony over the Dock Street project couldn’t get any more divisive, along comes cre to throw ageism into the mix. I can only assume that your post name is short for cretin. In answer to your question as to why Heights residents are up in arms about a Dumbo issue, it may have something to do with the fact that the last time they ignored the potential threat of zoning variances, they lost the entire north-east section of the neighborhood to the Cadman Towers.

  • http://n/a Ramona Quimby

    Has anyone else had a terrible experience with parking at the Cadman plaza garage? I used to park at the lot at the end of Henry abutting the bridge, but it closed, so I had to move my car. I don’t think I can continue to pay $400 a month for the employees to berate me every time I interact with them. Is there anywhere else to park?

  • No One Of Consequence

    And a notable “last time” they fought “the man” they kept the BQE from running right down Hicks St.

  • justaneighbor

    Ramona, are you talking about the outdoor lot that was right underneath the bridge or the one on Henry in the fruit street section? There’s one that backs right up to the one underneath the bridge that just closed, I was referred there by its manager. They’re about $250-$275. The only thing I’m concerned about is that the lot that abruptly closed (because they weren’t paying their landlords, who happened to be the city parks dept.) was supposed to close by the summer anyway due to bridge construction, so we may have to keep moving.

    Next cheapest lots are in DUMBO or in more toward Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens.