City Says, Report Price Gouging

We’ve received the following from Notify NYC:

If you see price increases for items in short supply due to COVID-19, report it by calling 311 or visiting

Photo: Claude Scales for BHB.

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  • AEB

    Case in point: All In One Food Mart, formerly Peas and Pickles, was/is selling 30-oz bottles of Germ-X hand sanitizer for $27.95. Usual price at Walmart: $7.94.

    As I shop there regularly, and, well, have a sort of soft-spot for the place and its insanely hard-working cashiers, who often work in sub-zero temps, I’m refraining from reporting it. Except here.

  • Joey

    Perhaps I might report them for you.

  • Corey Lynn

    I did report them for selling an 8 ounce bottle of Perell hand sanitizer for $14. Shame on them!!!
    I will no longer shop there.