Daily News on 90 Year Old Unsolved Slaying of 84th Precinct Cop

Rocco Parascandola, in the Daily News, tells the story of how, ninety years ago tomorrow, Patrolman Walter DeCastillia, assigned to what is still our local 84th Precinct, was gunned down and killed in a crime for which no one was brought to justice. Patrolman DeCastilia was guarding a cash payroll transfer at a business on York Street in what is now DUMBO, and was shot in an apparent robbery attempt. Various mob-connected men, including later Bonanno Family boss Carmine Galante, were charged, but never brought to trial. Read the details, and how Patrolman DeCastillia is remembered by family, in the Daily News story linked above.

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  • Reggie

    I doubted that today’s 84th Precinct was called that 90 years ago but with a little research, I learned that the new organizational structure dates to July 3, 1929, 36 weeks before PO DeCastillia’s murder. The precinct was of course located at that time in the beautiful Italian Renaissance Revival building at 72 Poplar Street, now condos.

  • William Gilbert

    So, what are you saying? It was 90 years minus 36 weeks? I don’t understand.