City Provides Aid to Small Businesses and Individuals Affected by COVID-19

We’ve learned, via Notify NYC, that “[t]he City will provide relief for small businesses that are making less because of COVID-19.” Details are here.  Help for affected individuals, including eviction assistance and emergency cash grants to cover rent or utility arrears, is also available. Go to Mayor de Blasio’s State of Emergency declaration and scroll down to the text under the heading “Emergency Assistance for New Yorkers” to find details about these and other programs for individuals.

Update: Mary Frost, in the Eagle, has talked to some local merchants, none of whom have suffered loss of business yet because of COVID-19. She also has more detail on City efforts to help small businesses. Also, there’s more info from the Mayor here on schools, moratorium on evictions, mask availability, and more.

Photo: Claude Scales for BHB.

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  • Jorale-man

    Thanks for the reporting on this. It hasn’t been a good year for restaurants in our area and I worry this could be the final nail in the coffin for some of them. I don’t know about the safety of ordering in vs. dining in the restaurant but I’d think ordering might be a little safer, without being crowded into small spaces with other diners. Perhaps we should all commit to doing that as much as possible.