Atlantic Avenue Shell Re-opens


From the BHB Inbox:

The Shell station is now open on Atlantic & Henry. As of Friday, only (!!!) 11 cents higher than the station on Hamilton Ave & Henry (or Hicks, I forget) and only 30 cents more than the NJ station where I filled my tank on Saturday :)

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  • Publius

    A lot of pixels have been wasted about this place. It’s a total rip-off, both for gas and for automotive service.

    The only things that keeps it in business are unknowledgable/gullible motorists, and their first off/last on position next to the BQE.

    A must to avoid.

  • brooklynite

    the people that work there are also really nasty. NEVER buy gas from them! worth the trip to union and 4th for the Hess station just to get cheaper prices and better service.

  • exclark andwillow

    I remember getting a set of steak knives there in the 60’s. The decimal was one place to the left on the price!

  • John

    they are crooks I agree !
    and very nasty people also
    I used BP 4th. and Douglass.

  • mike

    run run run away from these guys. I made the mistake last month of trying to get my car passed for inspection. They called me and said I needed $1500 worth of work to pass my car, and actually acted shocked when I told them to not touch my car and I would come pick it up. I took the car to another station and it passed no problem. Crooks is too kind a word. I reported them to the BBB

  • bh_dad

    Couldn’t agree more w/the above people. Total rip off, went once to get my car inspected & they installed new wipers on my car & said it was the only way it would pass inspection. Mind you I got an oil change 2 weeks before and had my wipers replaced as well. Reported them to the BBB but nothing came of it. I hate to wish bad things on people but I really hope they go out of business

  • Me

    not to beat a dead horse, but these guys are lying criminals! similar experience of phoney service claims. So short sighted too, because I dont know anyone who goes to them knowingly. they could probably have the BH/CH business locked up and be making tons of $ if they werent such greedy crooks!

  • Cat

    We were gullible and got ripped off $1600 to “pass inspection.” I can’t believe they are still in business. Someone told me they were being investigated because they’d pulled the same crap on a US Marshall. Nevertheless, they’re still in business. The only thing I go there for is free air.

  • nabeguy

    They shouold change the name to Shell Out, since that’s all you’re going to be doing at this place.

  • jd

    I’m another person they tried to rip off. Avoid at all costs! I went once for the yearly inspection and they tried to get me for $1,200 on totally false repairs. After I challenged them (I know what I’m talking about), they claimed they had looked at the wrong invoice. Went back the next year because my regular mechanic’s equipment was broken and the sticker was expiring that day, and they told me I had to replace the entire steering system ($1,500) due to a shot bushing. I took my car right out of there and called a VW dealer, who told me a bushing can be replaced all on its own. Then my regular mechanic looked at it and showed me where the bushing was and that it was absolutely fine.

    There are so many cars that need to be fixed for real. If these guys would just do the right thing, they’d have plenty of business anyway. But I won’t even by gas there, even though I live around the corner. A local news station should to a “Shame, Shame, Shame” report on them.

  • Anonymous

    If I remember correctly, that gas station was on the news after hurricane kathrina for price gauging and being the most expensive in the tri state area.

  • nabeguy

    That was the Texaco at the foot of Fulton Landing…the first to hit the $4.00 level.

  • RatNYC

    They got me with $1,300 of repairs for bringing the car in for inspection. Granted they did what they said they were going to do, but they probably ripped me off in terms of price and actual need for these repairs. Stupid me. Stay away from these people.

  • Nabe Car owner

    They have aaa approval. I had a bad experience with them as well. They wanted to replace tires on my car to pass inspection. The tires had less than a thousand miles on them. I wrote to aaa to investigate and they said the would look into it. I’m going to send them the link to this blog.

  • my2cents

    I am really horrified at these stories. I recall having a shady experience once with them just filling up my tank. Also for cheap inspection i recommend Pep Boys on 4th ave. I had no problem there.

  • No One Of Consequence

    I go to the Mobile on Flatbush extension for inspection.
    It’s outta the way, unless you’re going to Lowe’s/Home Depot/Ikea/Costco/Fairway, but the Sunoco at 289 Hamilton Ave (under the Gowanus, by the Battery Tunnel entrance) is my preferred fill-up. Full serve at self serve price.

    Glad to know that the Atlantic Shell is to be avoided.

    That station down on Old Fulton, the gas price must be a deterrent. They obviously have other work they would prefer to do.

  • epc

    The Gulf station on Old Fulton (at Columbia Heights/Everit) ceased selling gasoline some time in 2007. From what I remember of interviews on CNN, the owner was getting squeezed by too little purchases to make it worth while carrying gasoline at a loss, and the supplier (Gulf) jacking up his wholesale prices to the point where he made more money by not selling gas and focussing on repairs.