Brooklyn Heights: Den of Spies?

It’s fairly well known that Rudolf Ivanovich Abel, the Soviet spy who was caught, convicted, and later exchanged for U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers, lived in the Heights, specifically at 252 Fulton Street, near Clark Street, a building later demolished to make way for the Cadman Plaza apartment towers. The story is told here by Mary Frost in the Eagle. She also tells the lesser known (at least to your correspondent) story of how the assassination of Leon Trotsky (photo: public domain), the Communist who parted ways with Stalin, was plotted at 55 Pierrepont Street, although carried out in Mexico.

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  • Jeremy

    Ahh, but Mary omits the Brooklyn Heights connection you might be most interested in, Claude!

    Sylvia & Ruth Ageloff’s father was Samuel Ageloff, who built the Breukelen.

  • Claude Scales

    Ver-r-r-y interesting; thanks!

  • Mike Suko

    Thanks, Claude, for the steer – fascinating article that Mary wrote! Aspiring screen-writers, here be a REALLY great story line in the Trotsky assassination plot! Olivia Colman would be perfect as Sylvia!