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We at BHB wish all of you and yours a happy, sumptuous, and whatever you’re allergic to-free Thanksgiving.

The photo, by your correspondent, is of Zelda, a hen turkey who inhabited Battery Park for many years. I first spotted her, and took the photo, on November 17, 2006. Given the date, I posted her photo on my blog under the caption “Didn’t get the memo?” I saw her again, three Novembers later, and learned her name, as well as its source: Zelda Fitzgerald, wife of F.Scott, who in her more troubled times would wander Battery Park aimlessly.

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  • Andrew Porter

    Last photo courtesy the Municipal Archives! 184 Fulton (Cadman Plaza West) in 1940. I think this was a parking structure for the St. George Hotel. Demolished by Robert Moses. Nowadays this structure would have been converted into condos:

  • Jeremy

    It was named the Towers Garage because was parking for the Towers Hotel a few blocks away. (See the signs in the photo at the top and on the side. BTW I don’t think the garage ever had the Leverich name, which the hotel dropped soon after opening.) By the time of the Cadman redevelopment period, the parking had been taken over by the St. George but people still called it the Towers Garage

  • Taq Man

    ’We’re going to smash the car culture right here in Brooklyn.” -Scott Stringer.

    I wonder if Stringer’s unusually strong opposition to the BQE project is just a play for Brooklyn voters ahead of a city hall election battle with Eric Adams.

    I personally will vote for Adams for the simple reason that he will be a law and order mayor. Enough of this pussyfooting around “low level crimes” under De Blasio. On Monday I was spat on by a begger on Columbia Heights in the middle of the day.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Big Dave

    Happy Thanksgiving, that’s all.

  • Andrew Porter


  • CassieVonMontague

    I’m sorry you were spat on. Was it by the Ethiopian gentleman that has resided on Columbia Heights for years?

    I don’t agree with Eric Adam’s “law & order” campaign. First, because I’ve heard those words before from politicians who end up being awful mayors and presidents. Second, New York City is one of the safest large cities in the world and has never been safer, so I don’t understand why some people are afraid. Omaha, Des Moines, and Denver have more violent and property crime per capita than New York.

    I agree that homelessness is a problem and the administration of the shelters in this city has been botched.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Well, when I snd “my associates” were more active here there was nothing like that going on. And..if anything like that did happen the animal who was responsible would wish he never saw the Heights; because his life would instantly become well complicated…..

    But you don’t want non PC types in the Heights. Fine.. live with the animals..