Have You Seen…. Francine?


Francine, a cat from DUMBO is missing.  Posters are all over our area and her owner is asking anyone who knows her whereabouts phone 718-255-5864.  She’s a 7 year old grey and white British shorthair.

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  • AEB

    A lost animal–hate it!

    A wee case of (child-in-me) identification….

  • Luke C

    @dss Wow! Offending Asians and pet owners in 6 words or less!

  • Luke C

    Everytime I see these I wonder what could have been done to speed their return. Anyone learn any valuable lessons? Does chipping actually help? I suppose a collar is more immediately practical.

  • Homer Fink

    It’s great to see the warmth and concern pouring out here.

  • http://brooklyntrout.com Sean

    Any more news here? I walk by these flyers everyday. I’d love to know if the kitty ever made it home.

  • heightsdiho

    I’d love to know if she has been found too. To the owner(s): you may have already checked, but there is (or at least used to be) a woman who fed strays in the old tobacco warehouses across from Jacques Torres’ shop. Could be that Francine is holed up there? Hope you find her.