BHA to Members: Mobilize Against Dock Street DUMBO

The Brooklyn Heights Association sent out an email blast to its membership on Friday urging members to speak out against Two Trees’ Dock Street DUMBO project.  In the email, the BHA points to historian David McCullough’s Newsweek article “Paving Over History” as “inspiration”  to urge City Council members to vote against the plan.

The BHA’s full email after the jump.

Dear BHA Member: This week, the City Planning Commission (CPC) voted its approval of the Dock Street project. This is a disappointment, but it is NOT over yet. Dock Street’s next and last stop is at the City Council. Fortunately, both Council Member David Yassky and our neighboring Council Member Bill DeBlasio are standing with the community in opposition to the scale of Dock Street. We know we can count on their support and that of Council Member Tony Avella whose committee will hold a hearing on the proposal early next month. BUT they need your letters to show the rest of the Council that the community stands united behind them!!

Letters from you CAN make a difference! NOW is the time to write to City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and the other Council Members whose addresses are listed below. Please ask them to vote NO to Dock Street. To make it easier for you, we’ve included a short sample letter below.

I am sure you will find inspiration in this week’s issue of Newsweek where David McCullough, author of “The Great Bridge”, has written an editorial with comments on the Dock Street project. Here is the link to the article: Also, McCullough appeared in a NYTimes video entitled “Paving Over History”.

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ONE MORE THING: A big turnout is needed for the upcoming press conference with David McCullough and Brooklyn neighbors on the steps of City Hall at noon, Tuesday, April 28th. DUMBO residents and actors Skipp Sudduth (“Third Watch”, “Law and Order”) and Terry Kinney (“The Unusuals”) will be there. So will the Municipal Art Society and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Please come!


Honorable Christine C. Quinn
Speaker, City Council

Honorable Melinda Katz
Chair, Land Use Committee

Honorable Tony Avella
Chair, Zoning Sub- Committee

Honorable David Yassky

Dear Council Member _____________:

I am writing to express my opposition to the Dock Street development project.

The proposed 200-foot high-rise will intrude upon our borough’s beloved icon: the Brooklyn Bridge. Whether we’re seeing it from the East River, from the streets below the Bridge or from the Bridge itself, the Dock Street project will permanently detract from the grandeur of the Bridge. Project supporters miss this point when arguing that the project won’t block many views. The unique grandeur of the Bridge stems from its towering above and apart from its surroundings. Hemmed in, it is diminished. Additionally, a project of this scale along very narrow Water Street will create a canyon effect as it towers over the 19th century landmarked warehouses across from it in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

I know the developer plans to include a public school in the proposed building. However, I understand that there are other opportunities for siting a school, and I agree with the Brooklyn Heights Association’s position that the school should be addressed as a separate issue. It must not be used as a tactic to win approval of an otherwise unacceptable building.

Please vote NO to the Dock Street Project. Thank you,

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  • Gayle Smock

    Dear council member, I am very disappointed to hear about this 18 story building being proposed to build only 70 feet from the Brooklyn Bridge. This bridge is an icon of NYC and I enjoy it everytime I visit the city. It’s beauty and uniqueness are a rarity these days and to allow this monstrosity to be built will only take away from the essence of this most beloved NYC treasure. Please, I implore you to vote No! Sincerely, Gayle Smock

  • Councilmember

    Dear Gayle Smock,

    Please proofread.



  • nabeguy

    Thanks, Councilmember, for a response almost as snarky as the proposal itself.

  • Publius

    The NY Post has an article today about how much money Two Trees throws around to bribe (er, I mean “influence”) elected officials and hire expensive lobbyists:

  • nabeguy

    Who says you can’t buy the Brooklyn Bridge?