Fox 5 NY Praises Brooklyn Heights Residents For Beautifying Tree Pits

Fox 5 has a story about Brooklyn Heights homeowners taking care of. and beautifying, the tree pits in front of their properties. The story focuses on those on Garden Place; the residents there have certainly done a commendable job. Still, many on other streets deserve recognition. Consider those on Montague Street (photo), many maintained by Estela Johanessen of James Weir Floral, who succeeded in getting Montague crowned the greenest commercial block in Brooklyn.

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  • Jorale-man

    Nice feature. Garden Place homeowners have really gone the extra mile in keeping their street looking nice. It also helps that they don’t have the pass-through pedestrian traffic of say, Joralemon or Remsen, where visitors carelessly throw their trash or cigarettes in the tree beds. It’s always sad to see how people treat the beds on the busier streets. Garden Pl. should be a model for us all.
    Edit: And Montague also shows how it can be done, even with a lot of foot traffic on the block.

  • Andrew Porter

    Technically, these plantings are probably bad for the trees, esp. if the level of the soil is raised—but esthetically, they look gorgeous.

    Here are the NYC Parks Dept. guidelines for tree pit care. Note what they say about other plants and soil level: