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  • NOT born here

    What/who are the “Goggle bros”. I saw this on an old BHB post: “Sauntering in to the Towers Hotel to watch the elegant dinners from the balcony?”

  • Cranberry Beret

    Just looked at that quote. Those were separate posts (has nothing to do with Towers Hotel).

    If you google/search “Goggle Twins” or “Goggle Brothers” most of the hits will be from this blog.

    They are brothers “of a certain age” sometimes seen walking around the southern part of the nabe, always with plastic sport or safety goggles on. Quite the characters.

    I mean no disrepect (and would love it if they read this blog and knew how much old-timers appreciate their contribution to what makes life unique in this area).

  • Banet

    FYI, they wear the goggles to protect their eyes. They both suffer from a m ducal condition that makes the slightest pressure on the lenses of their eyes — such as that from a breeze — quite painful.

    Why they frequently wore white tyvek bodysuits I don’t know.

    Also, it’s been at least a few years since I’ve seen both of them so I fear one has passed away.

  • Teresa

    Was thinking of them a couple of days ago and wondering. Thank you for posting.

  • Reggie

    I see one of the brothers from time-to-time but never see both, which was always the norm in the past. It makes me worry.

  • duckman

    I agree. I could probably sign on to anything that doesn’t include th 6-lane highway, but some of the Better Way folks are going off the deep end with supporting the idea of closing the BQE to cars or altogether. I get it. They’ve moved on from “Save the Promenade” because they’re afraid that just plays like rich people saying “not in my backyard.” But be careful what you wish for. The Stringer plan will send those cars through Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Brooklyn Heights. They are not vanishing. I support the BHA plan.

  • Jorale-man

    Relevant food for thought: ‘The “fundamental rule” of traffic: building new roads just makes people drive more’ (and by extension, the reverse also holds true):