Pedestrian Traffic Jam on Brooklyn Bridge Saturday

As reported by Kaitlin Menza in House Beautiful, yesterday (Saturday, December 29) the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian walkway (shown on an uncrowded day in the photo, by your correspondent) became extremely crowded, mostly with tourists here for the holidays and out to enjoy some relatively good winter weather. Yes, you bike enthusiasts, I know it’s a pedestrian walkway and bikeway, with delineated separate lanes, but anyone who went up there with a bike and tried to clear a path by bellowing “Bike Lane!” would have been greeted with utter indifference. According to Ms. Manzel’s story, Mayor de Blasio’s office issued a tweet advising that the bridge “is very crowded” and, while noting that it “is not an emergency situation,” pointing out that there are lots of other places to walk on a nice day.

For photos of, and tweets about, the Brooklyn Bridge walkway traffic jam, see Ms. Menza’s article, linked above.

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  • Banet

    According to the NYTImes it got so crowded that they had to close pedestrian and bi y me access for roughly 30 minutes.

  • Andrew Porter

    The Heights, DUMBO, Brooklyn Bridge, the panorama from the Promenade have become victims of modern tourism.

    I’ve read that popular sites, for instance in the UK where “Poldark” is filmed, have been overrun by hordes of tourists.

    “No one goes there any more; it’s too crowded.”

  • Eddyde

    I was driving over the bridge on Saturday around 5:30 and witnessed the situation. The walkway looked like a continuous subway car packed at rush hour, some of the people had a look of near panic.

  • KXrVrii1

    Maybe that is the true silver lining on the BQE rehab project – no one will want to go there for six years or so because it just isn’t very pleasant…


    Monday similar situation. Was on BB @ lunch time. Totally packed. As so few riders this time of year due to that time of day & weather crowd spread out into bike lane. The few bikes seen were frustrated bell ringers or shouters. Makes no sense to maintain that lane during this holiday time of year. Bikers will have to ride at their own peril or walk if can’t use Manhattan Bridge.