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  • StudioBrooklyn

    (I just posted an identical comment to what follows in the original story about this but that’s old news now, thanks again to the DOT!)

    Has anyone else who got one of the erroneous parking tickets issued on 9/11/18 when Alternate Side was suspended, and fought it, heard back from the powers that be?

    I submitted my appeal using the Pay or Dispute app on September 17th, which generated a confirmation email from the NYC department of finance. I haven’t heard back from them or anyone directly regarding the verdict but today I was curious and checked the app. It listed the ticket decision as guilty! This doesn’t sound legit, since the city always emails verdicts or sends them in the mail, and in any case there was no way I was actually guilty, and laid out a very clearly presented case.

    Looking for others’ experiences. Thanks!

  • Parker

    I have noticed that many people think when alternate side is suspended that it refers to all blocks where there is alternate side parking. This is not true. It is only on the blocks that have alternate side on THAT THE DAY OF SUSPENSION. So if alternate side is suspended on a Tuesday you may not park legally on an alt side Wednesday block….not saying this was you….just saying what I have seen and cringed.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Yep seen that too, and does not apply in my case, I can proclaim with righteous indignation.

  • AndyHeights

    I no longer have a car and my life is so much easier living in the Heights because of it. But it was always confusing when the alternate was suspended on a block like State Street, where there was only one day, (Wednesday) where the signs said No Parking 8 AM – 6 PM on the regular side and parking is permitted on the other side just on Wednesday between those hours……..I had read that was not considered “alternate side parking”, yet folks would be parked on both sides, as they still do…..yet no tickets were usually issued. It is rather ambiguous and probably still is to car owners in the Heights.

  • Sweeties

    The new retail space on the corner of Henry & Orange.
    Anyone want to bet it’ll be a Starbucks?

  • A Neighbor

    According to a sign on the window, Amy’s Bread going into the old Tazza space on Henry.

  • Banet

    While it may be a coffee shop, I hope it’s more of a Joe Coffee than a Starbucks.

    When you shop at Starbucks every cent of profit leaves the neighborhood, the city and the state and heads off to the shareholders around the world (granted, some of course live right here.)

    But when you shop at Joe Coffee, every cent of profit goes to the Brooklyn Heights resident who *owns* Joe Coffee. She (He? They?) then spend a good part of that profit right here in Brooklyn sending their child to swim lessons at Eastern Athletic (locally owned), buying pet food on Pineapple Walk (locally owned) and purchasing groceries at Key Food (locally owned).

    You get my point. :-)

  • Sweeties

    I didn’t say I was hoping it was a Starbucks, just that I bet it will be a Starbucks. Nice PR blurb for Joe’s, BTW.

  • Banet

    Never said you personally lobbied for a Starbucks — I just used your post as a chance to stand on my soap box. :-)

    As far as Joe, I don’t really drink coffee. But it sure livens up that corner. What a nice addition to the nabe.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I think there are a ton of legitimate reasons to avoid shopping at Starbucks, however, I do find myself defending their provision of benefits to their workers, as well as their socially progressive-minded retail principles. Not too many companies that went as far as shutting down for a day to ensure their employees received sensitivity training in response to a very ugly incident.

    That said, we have now moved this discussion probably much more off course than it should have been, which was conjecture about what business might fill the new location. Maybe a realtor or a nail salon!

  • Teresa

    I was disappointed to see that a chain, even a small one, went into the space where Joe’s is…and I’m a complete convert. Incredibly pleasant staff, lovely working space. The only problem is that too many other people feel the same way & it’s so crowded!

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Typed in Brooklyn Heights on YouTube and came across this video about “Hidden Brooklyn Heights”. I miss John very much and think about him often.

  • Jane Van Ingen

    What a great video, complete with a shout out to T.K. Small.

  • Andrew Porter

    Friday afternoon, I saw workers at 1 Clinton Street post permits for round-the-clock 24 hour construction.

  • Andrew Porter

    I met T.K.—and his Mom!—on the Promenade a few days ago.

  • Andrew Porter

    Union Square Hospitality Group made a major investment in Joe Coffee in 2017, according to this article:

  • gc

    The real estate interests have bought most of the politicians for a pennies on the dollar. Sad!

  • JDF

    Anyone know what’s going into the old Great Wall space?

  • Cranberry Beret

    Poke Bar

  • JDF

    Thanks Cranberry. Given the layout and size limitation of the space, I think that will be a decent addition to the North Heights.

  • Teresa

    Oooooh, really? That sounds too good to be true.

  • St. Georgette

    I know this a late reply but I’ve been having a conversation (with myself mostly) about what I’d like to see in that space. Aside from a small movie theater I can’t decide what I’d like to see most. Maybe a decent Vietnamese restaurant. Just curious what others want there.

  • MaggieO

    according to DOB site they have overnight permits Monday-Friday, daytime permits Saturdays and no permits for Sundays.

  • Andrew Porter

    For the first time ever, this summer two of my closet doors swelled up in the humid weather and couldn’t be shut—and one, if shut, resists mightily being opened again. I think the humidity is coming up through the fabric of the building.

    I’ve been running my A/C lots more this summer than ever before!