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  • Kathryn

    Tazza on Henry (State/Atlantic) closed for good.

  • Marie Curran

    The neighborhood continues to change…..Armandos is gone, nail house salon closed abruptly, the closeout connection will be gone as of Friday and other empty storefronts on Montague. What’s going on? Is it just high rents? Any efforts to fill these spots?

  • Cranberry Beret

    Can anyone recommend an opthalmologist? Either in the nabe or lower Manhattan. Thanks

  • Brooklynite

    Dr. Mayling on livingston street

  • KBells40

    My guess is this may have been planned as part of their expansion on Clark Street into the little cafe spot (Tazzini) and the larger space with a bar where the original Tazza was.

  • CassieVonMontague

    Got food from a street cart for the first time in my life. Ordered chicken and rice with hot sauce from the cart on the NE corner of Clinton and Montague by Chase. It was the spiciest dish I have ever had in the neighborhood. Anyone have any other contenders for hottest dish in the neighborhood (excluding myself of course)?

  • DIBS

    Try the ma po tou fu at Fortune House. I give it about a 7 out of 10 (Grand Szechuan in Manhattan is the best) when I order it extra spicey. The spicier they make it the better.

  • Andrew Porter

    I called Closeout Connection, and they said the lease had expired.

    I liked that store, bought all sorts of stuff there, some of which I shouldn’t have, but some which I found quite good and very inexpensive. They also sold really good Challah bread there, by the cash registers.

  • Moni

    James A. Deutsch on Remisen St.

  • Moni

    Need to find a reasonable dentist who can repair or replace a denture. Any recommendations?

  • CassieVonMontague

    So they partially demo’ed warehouses to build the BQE, made some warehouse walls integral to the structure, and now no one knows where they are? What genius designed that? oh right, Robert Moses.

  • Jean

    I agree, c.c will be missed!!

  • Banet

    Who could possibly want to rent that Closeout Connection space??!?

  • Banet

    Huh? This WAS the original Tazza spot. Henry Street predates the Clark Street Tazzini spot by years.

  • Jorale-man

    Oh no. Have they said why? Tazza has been my weekend spot and that of many others in the South Heights for years.

    The handwriting has been on the wall I guess, from the shrinking menu and shorter hours to the the broken A/C and mass staff turnover this past spring. End of an era.

  • KBells40

    Meaning, the first space (of the now two they have) *on Clark Street*, not their actual original location (which I am aware was the Henry St. location). Apologies for my imprecise language. Regardless, it seems plausible that they may be closing Henry St. to focus their efforts on the side-by-side Clark St. spaces.

  • KBells40

    I see Dr. Andrij Gouz at Atlantic Dental on Atlantic between Nevins/3rd and have found him to be very professional, the office spotless and serene, runs timely, and the office staff easy to deal with. I’ve not had denture work, but I can recommend him in general. Good luck!

  • KBells40

    Whenever I’d have one of those moments of “Where on Earth can I find [insert random object]?” my immediate first thought would be “I better check Closeout Connection”.

  • CommentsSection

    Do any of the banks in the neighborhood have coin counting machines? I have jars and jars of change at home that I’d like to convert to paper money.

  • Cranberry Beret

    I don’t think any bank does it for free anymore. TD Bank used to, until their machines got busted for undercounting. (Shocking!)

    The next best thing is a Coinstar machine in a few grocery stores. Stop & Shop at Atlantic Center, or The Food Emporium in Union Square. They charge a fee if you want cash back, but you can get an Amazon gift card with no fee.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Actually a number of business types come to mind, including gym-type stuff. Yoga studios? Maybe a small bazaar like they have in Dumbo (Front/Pearl)?

  • A Neighbor

    Dr Christopher Bowers in Moshman’s practice on Rensen is terrific. Great creds, great work, reasonable price.

  • Andrew Porter

    And Andrew Moshman, third generation of the Moshman dynasty there. Phone 718-855-7545. Tell them I sent you.

  • Andrew Porter

    Did anyone know there’s a nationwide Wheaties shortage? I didn’t, until I went to Key Food on Montague, and they’re all out. Googled it, found an article in the Washington Post. Apparently tied to a shortage of truck drivers.

    Finally went to Grosstede’s, found Wheaties there for a mere $7.99; the cost at Key is $5.99 for the same size box. Typical…

  • AbeLincoln

    Tide with Bleach – $16.50 at CVS and $30 at Grosstedes. There you go folks.

  • StoptheChop

    And since Swallow allows laptop users to monopolize every table for as long as they want (lending, as well, to an unwelcoming atmosphere for those of us who want to have an actual conversation over coffee, with a staff who couldn’t care less) — what are the other cafe options in that part of the neighborhood?

  • Andrew Porter
  • bkhome

    Yogaworks is right across the street in another basement space no one finds a good option for yoga. SoulCycle right next door to that, Equinox around the corner on Joralemon. Whole Foods 360?

  • CHatter

    Raymond Rizutti on Henry and Pierrepont. Excellent, very thorough and took time to explain. Delightfully quirky personality. I was referred to him for glaucoma screening by Dr Friedman at Heights Vision.

  • Andrew Porter

    If you’ve got lots of coins larger than pennies, many businesses would be happy to get a few dollars in change. I’ve paid for several $2-$3 transactions with loose change.