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  • Jorale-man

    No July 4th fireworks visible from the Heights, says Macy’s (though expect the usual masses to descend on the area regardless).

  • Mwillow

    Does anyone know who to contact when the red police/fire alarm box on the corner of Willow and Cranberry malfunctions? This has happened twice in the past month: it automatically and continuously dials 911. I watched for two hours as my boyfriend, neighbors and passerbys all spoke to dispatchers to let them know of the error, and every time a dispatcher hung up, the box automatically redialed and the same conversation had to be had again. Finally around 10 PM the fire department showed up. The alarm box is very loud.

    I could not find a phone number for the fire house on Middaugh, would a 311 complaint have an immediate effect?

  • rdgesq

    Just to let everyone know sad news–Olga Pete Valentine of Willow ‘Street, 91, passed away today. She was born in the same house and worked for years in the Federal Court. Many people spoke to her as she sat on her stoop, Always very friendly. RIP

  • MaggieO

    nothing is immediate… but you should definitely call 311

  • Blake Stevens

    She was a great person and brought a degree of neighborliness all too uncommon these days in Brooklyn. She’ll be missed. “The air is the air” as she would say, though I never knew what it meant.

  • GHB

    Sorry to hear. Pete was always so nice and always had treats for the dogs.

  • MaggieO

    Families Belong Together march will end with a rally at Cadman Plaza starting at 11:45. If you can’t march, but you can still rally!

  • AbeLincoln

    PSA: Take off your backpack when in a crowded 2/3 station elevator. thank you.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Will miss her. Loved hearing her stories about the neighborhood. Her Gladys James stories were especially interesting. Very sad news.

  • Andrew Porter

    The Real Deal reports that last week’s largest real estate transaction in Brooklyn was for a co-op at 1 Grace Court, sold for about $4.6 million. The 5-bedroom unit has a double living room with wood-burning fireplace, formal dining room and eat-in kitchen.

  • Squiggy