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  • Jorale-man

    Slow news day. Guess everyone is outside basking the sudden warmth. As we should…

  • Andrew Porter

    The Sacred Sites church tour will take place at numerous churches across the city this weekend. In the Heights:

    Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), 110 Schermerhorn Street, Saturday 11am-2pm & Sunday 10am-1pm

    Plymouth Church, 75 Hicks Street, Saturday & Sunday 12:30pm-2:30pm

    Grace Church, 254 Hicks Street, 12:30pm-4pm

    Our Lady of Lebanon Catholic Maronite Cathedral, 113 Remsen Street, Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday noon-5pm

    St. Ann & the Holy Trinity, 157 Montague Street, Saturday 12pm-4pm and Sunday 12pm-3pm

    First Unitarian Congregational, 119 Pierrepont Street, Saturday 10am-3pm & Sunday 1pm-3pm

    Much more information here:

  • Andrew Porter

    Just cleaned my air filter, plugged in my A/C for the first time this year, and turned it on…

  • Andrew Porter

    Oh, and here’s one of my photos of the restored ceiling in Grace Church:

  • Joey

    Does anyone else who live in the vicinity of Clinton/Joralemon streets have an issue with Rite Aide and their delivery trucks. That store, along with the passage down to the park, has really contributed to the decline in the quality of life in that area. The trucks arrive at all hours, their trucks cause major traffic disruptions or inconveniences, block the crosswalk, creates a degree of loitering outside the store among others. Why is this store 24 hours? Who allowed that in a residential neighborhoods. I have spoken to senior people at Rite Aide and was instrumental in getting the loading zone sign put in but still get no relieve. CB2 doesn’t respond either. Yet like a fool I continue to support the store given its proximity. They really need to reign themselves in and be more considerate to the community that supports it.

  • Bornhere

    I’m not sure what their delivery options are, but in the evening (around 6 or 7), the blocked crosswalk and Clinton/Joralemon Street traffic do make for an adventure. It’s a (sort of) minor inconvenience, I guess, but it does force people into traffic, just to get around the truck.

  • MaggieO

    it’s in a commercial zone (C5-2A). the trucks are annoying and do create some jams in the early evening. not sure what loitering you’re talking about that’s generated by the trucks…

  • Joey

    The loitering I’m referring to is people hanging outside the store. At night you can hear all of the conversations. It’s very narrow around the Rite Aid and many noises echo off the walls.

  • Jorale-man

    They’re frankly terrible neighbors.

    The truck loading at night is not only disruptive but loud. The workers drop large pallets of stuff on the street for long stretches at a time, often late into the evening.

    They also refuse to clean their sidewalks, which are frequently filthy (check out the empty tree planters on Joralemon with their potpourri of cigarette butts and candy wrappers).

    And don’t get me started about the shopping experience there. I still miss the old bodega that used to be there, with its friendly employees and good produce selection.

  • Andrew Porter

    The Real Deal wrote that the 4 most expensive real estate sales in Brooklyn at the beginning of May were all in the Heights:

    The most expensive was a co-op at 138 Columbia Heights, $4.5 million. Second was a condo at 90 Furman Street, just under $4.5 million. Third, a house at 28 Orange Street, about $4.4 million. Last, a condo at 130 Furman Street, just under $4.3 million.