Mr. Video III’s Raf Perez in the Sunday Times

The legacy of Raf Perez and Mr. Video III lives on. Raf was profiled here at BHB in 2016. In this Sunday’s New York Times, Fabrice Robinet, a Mr. Video III customer who spent “many an hour” there, writes about the phasing out of DVD’s and the loss of bonus features and director’s commentaries that come with them. Of course, Robinet interviewed Raf for the piece. Read Raf’s comments and see fun photos of his collection of more than 1,000 DVD’s here.

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  • Heights Guy

    Raf & Sal… #legends

  • MaryT

    Thanks, Mary. Raf and Sal and – Sal’s mom! (memory’s not working – apologizes). They were neighbor fixtures. Miss you!