Friend of a Farmer Building On the Market for $3.85 million

Cushman and Wakefield have been retained to coordinate the sale of 76 Montague Street, the two-story building most recently home of Friend of a Farmer.

The building will be delivered vacant and could be developed as retail or residential.

According to the listing, “76 Montague Street is an incredible opportunity for investors, developers, and users alike to secure an asset with significant upside in Brooklyn’s most affluent neighborhood.”

More details here.

Massey/Knakel photo from listing.





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  • JoT

    Maybe Cushman & Wakefield can do something about that annoying beeping alarm that’s been going off inside the building since pretty much January. 🙄

  • Reggie

    Patrick Madigan, Senior Associate
    718-606 7058, patrick.madigan[at]
    Unless, of course, you were waiting for him to read your comment here.

  • Jorale-man

    Let’s see, will it be a A) bank branch, B) Walk-in clinic, C) Real estate office, or D) Chain drug store with sullen cashiers. So many options.

  • KXrVrii1

    I get your point, but I feel like those places don’t do so well this far away from Court.

    And there is this in the link:

    “3,900 SF, 2-story commercial property
    with an additional 2,175 SF of air rights. The entire property will be delivered vacant. The asset is positioned as a unique investment, redevelopment, and/or user opportunity. In total, the property could be developed into an approximately 6,075 SF building consisting of retail and/or residential uses.”

    So looks like someone could try and add a third floor and make another luxury townhouse.

  • Banet

    I can’t imagine having such big street-level windows on such a busy location for a residence. And if you always have those curtains closed you don’t have a whole lot of light on the first floor.

    Also, doesn’t that building have a basement?

  • Cranberry Beret

    The listing borders on deceptive. This is a low-rise building (1) in a historic district (2) with a 50-foot height limit zoning overlay. The likelihood of this 3,900 sf building being “developed” into 6,075 sf seems improbable. Witness the problem the owner down the block had just last week at the Landmarks Commission trying to add 2 stories onto his existing 2 story building…they weren’t buying it. And the air rights are virtually useless to anyone else in the vicinity for the same reason. Caveat emptor.