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  • Jane Van Ingen

    Hi. I am sorry to see that Friend of a Farmer closed its Brooklyn Heights location. Anyone know why?

  • Chris Bastian

    Two big themes from last night’s Scoping Meeting for the BQE rehab project: support for a new link between Montague Street and Brooklyn Bridge Park, and continued opposition to the proposed parking facility at Riverside Apartments.

  • CassieVonMontague

    If anyone knows the owner of Friend of a Farmer or the owner of the building, please tell them their alarm has been beeping for over three weeks.

  • Arch Stanton

    Rude service and prices in excess of the quality are two reasons.

  • Arch Stanton

    FOF is gone, given the way they treated their customers, I doubt they care about the alarm. Try filing a noise complaint with 311.

  • Banet

    Think how expensive the renovation must’ve been. Think about how big it was across the 2 floors with 4 fireplaces, 4 dining rooms, 2 outdoor spaces and a bar.

    Then think about how expensive it seemed and how clueless the staff was and how rude the management was.

    Why it closed was, to me, inevitable and long, long overdue.

  • Banet

    Both interesting issues but they pale in comparison to getting design/build approved.

    How did that aspect of the conservation go?

  • Jeffrey Smith

    The “link” between Montague and the east new York annex….the ultimate Heights killer…

  • Jorale-man

    It is odd how they never announced their closing anywhere on their website or social media. Could you imagine a place like Noodle Pudding or Jack the Horse suddenly closing up shop this way? You’d think FoaF would at least thank their customers for their patronage and give a stock “visit us at our Manhattan location” comment.

    Then again, I’m in the minority here in that I had very positive experiences with the restaurant. Others clearly didn’t, it appears.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Well, the BHA meeting is tonight; let’s see what is said about pier
    6 and design build. The entire BQE issue IS Serious,

    But it was a serious matter twenty years ago when the “quality” of maintaining of the support structure was first publicly discussed and ten years ago when reports of direct observation of structural degradations was made. And everyone in a position of authority was allowed to endlessly drag thier feet in doing anything. So now, what? It’s now an emergency? After years of (at best) nonfeasance we have this? A LOT of people including the BHA have to account for their lack of actions.

  • William Gilbert

    I don’t understand what the BHA has to account for. Do you really think that the BHA in any way could win out against the NY State Dept of Transportation wants to do?

  • gc

    There was a time when the Heights won out against Robert Moses, arguably a much more formidable foe.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    There are a wide range of actions which could have and can now be taken. Civic organization across the country have faced incompetent or corrupt officials, agencies and “authorities” nationwide. It’s no mystery here. Civic groups have legally proceeded against local and state govts. But they ALSO confronted bad actors in public And they have forced resignations and even had certain officials disbarred. You can’t fight cancer with tea and cookies…..(its amazing I have to say any of this to an adult)

  • Reggie


  • fultonferryres

    Jeffrey Smith, still the most racist resident in the Heights.

  • Chris Bastian

    It didn’t; the meeting was about the scope of the project and the environmental issues to be analyzed.

  • KaraBK

    I’ve filed multiple 311 complaints about the alarm. Each time the police supposedly visit the alarm is not going off…

  • CassieVonMontague

    Developers are going to tear down a nice jewel box building on President Street in Carroll Gardens. Things like this make me grateful to live in a landmarked district.

  • Jeffrey the Terrible

    I’m far, far from that. I don’t proclaim myself or my group the..well the “chosen” rulers of the earth like many groups I could mention.
    And by the way, in case even you haven’t noticed, the bludgeon of the “R” word being able to wipe away any thing and everyone one wishes, with or without actual grounds, hasn’t worked now for really a decade…so

  • Jeff Smith

    That’s what your effected by? Really? I thought it was… Well, the DSM doesn’t have a clear code for lack of insight. Which is remarkable, because the DSM under present regime, and the new codes they are adding, (seeming on a weekly basis), will soon be the height of the Empire State Bldn….

  • Jeffrey Smith

    What did everyone think of the BHA meeting last night?

  • Arch Stanton

    Funny how they are worried about a 6 story building impacting their parking and schools.

  • Arch Stanton

    They actually posted a note saying they were closing for renovation and would reopen in a few weeks…not surprising given the arrogance of the management.

  • Jane Van Ingen

    Thanks for the feedback about the renovation.

  • Jane Van Ingen

    Arch: Thanks for letting us know. Jorale-man: I had the same thought.

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s the contact information for the remaining restaurant:

    Gramercy Park, 77 Irving Place, New York, NY 10003, 212-477-2188

  • Andrew Porter

    I actually met Jeffrey Smith last night at the meeting; I’d seen him for years there. It was good t put a face to a name.

    He showed me proof that was his real name. (I’d asked because I known another Jeffrey Smith, who is associated with author Alice Sheldon aka James Tiptree Jr.)

    Alas, I have no photos to share here, as the Eagle has taken all of them!

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s another Old BH Postcard; this looks toward Borough Hall, along Court Street. You can see how much the street has changed:

  • Andrew Porter

    The 10th annual Brooklyn Folk Festival will be held at St. Ann’s Church, corner of Clinton and Montague, the weekend of April 6-8th. I’ve already got my tickets for all three days. You can see the schedule here:

    Here’s one of my photos from last year’s event:

  • brooklynbull

    Agreed – what seemed like a welcome addition at opening almost immediately became known as a tourist trap.