Raceky to Replaceky Yassky Gets Sticky

City Hall News looks at the race to replace David Yassky as our man in the New York City Council as well as Yassky’s attempt to attain the backing of Democratic capo Vito Lopez in his bid for city comptroller.

City Hall News: That is more than Evan Thies has in the six-way race to replace his old boss, Council Member David Yassky (D-Brooklyn). Though Thies spent five years working for Yassky, finishing as chief of staff, Yassky is not backing his former protégé. In fact, Yassky is expected to remain neutral as he seeks Lopez’s blessing for his comptroller run, according to several people familiar with the race.

Yassky declined comment.

Thies has credibility among the young, progressive voters who have moved to Williamsburg in droves in recent years. He helped organize a protest during the 2004 Republican Convention in which anti-war groups rappelled down the front of the Plaza Hotel and draped the building with a giant anti-Bush banner.

A police officer responding to the incident was injured on the roof of the hotel. Thies was later charged with criminal facilitation.

Thies said he had no regrets.

“The statement that we made at the RNC turned out to be prophetic,” he said. “Anybody who takes issue with the way the government operates should make their voice heard.”

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  • AEB

    Time to retire the -sky tropesky, I thinksky.

    God! Now I can’t stopsky!!!

  • The Where

    I think it’s greatksy.

  • mike

    So this guy helps organize a crime in which an NYPD officer gets hurt to put up an Anti-Bush banner (0 points for originality) and that gives him “credibility” among the “young, progressive voters” (Read: Hipsters) that have been flocking to Williamsburg?

    He has “no regrets?” I will have no regrets not voting for him. It is commendable to organize a protest, but to commit a crime with an unoriginal message (what was it, a giant W with a line through it?) is not something to be proud of, rather, it is a strike against you.

    Of course he has “credibility” with hipsters, the majority of them have no capacity for thought of their own.

  • nabeguy

    Yassky reminds me of a Thanksgiving Day balloon…always waiting to see which way the wind is blowing…and full of bloated gas. Nice guy, leaving his COS to twist in the wind until he gets his own chance to kiss Don Vito’s ring.

  • MarthaBK

    Yassky is really helping Vito’s protege. As long as he does that, I’m going with someone else for Comptroller. Not sure who yet, but not Yassky. He should know what people are thinking about Vito before he pulls a stunt like that.

  • Pierrrepont

    Yassky is an ill-mannered leisure-time liberal wonk who could tell you the policy behind milk pricing regulation, but not the price of a gallon of milk. No way he gets Lopez’s support — that would just alienate all of the African-American electeds.