St. Charles Borromeo Condos?

Christie Rizk writes in this week's Brooklyn Paper that it's possible the recently closed St. Charles Borromeo School is a prime target for condo conversion:

coll1.gif Given the value of the building — and given how the so-called Borough of Churches is quickly becoming the Borough of Church Condos — it’s clear how easily the Diocese could fill the collection plate by selling. The building itself is in the Brooklyn Heights historical district — a landmark zone where all the buildings possess historical value. It’s what we all love about the Heights. Any changes to the exterior would have to be approved. But the Diocese can sell the building to whomever it wants, and that person can do whatever he wants on the inside. It’s hard to tell what the building might go for without knowing what the ultimate use might be,” said Brian Leary, a partner at the Massey Knakal real estate firm. “But the area is extremely desirable, and the fact that it’s in a historical district raises the value.” I also found out that a townhouse across the street recently sold for $4 million. And since the school is about the width of three townhouses, all I can say is: Cha-ching.

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  • More Schools Less Housing

    I can only hope that the Diocese will act with the interests of the community and not sell to a developer that will convert the building to residential use. The greatest demand in the community is not for housing but for primary educational facilities. I think any of the existing institutions (Packer, St. Anns, etc.) should be able to compete on price with any residential developer because their capital improvement costs should be less and their investment hold period is very long.

  • Eric Parish

    Members of the parish have been informed by Bishop DiMarzio through our pastor, Father Charles Krause that the school WILL REOPEN. The real estate greedies must go looking somewhere else. Joy…….

  • Angela DeMarco

    Hands off my parish school.