Your Weekend Subway Clusterf… er, “Advisory”

This week’s chaotic Subway Service Advisory brought to you by the number “2“, the letter “A“, and Dick Swizzle’s Sudden Death Game Show… if you don’t know trivia, you don’t know Dick.

NOTE: UPDATED 3/2 6:52pm FOR The A, F, and D lines Take note of the 2,3 advisory in particular…

UPDATE 3/2 6:52pm: According to the latest edition of the MTA Service Advisory, The following A train disruption won’t be happening this weekend, but the following weekend of the 12th. This wasn’t the case last night/this morning (and I have the cached page to prove it!).

The A (this is for Mary): Brooklyn-bound A trains skip High Street, as well as Broadway-Nassau, Chambers, Canal and Spring streets in Manhattan. That’s because the Brooklyn-bound A is running on the F line between West 4th Street in Manhattan and Jay Street in Brooklyn. The MTA advises taking the Brooklyn-bound A to Jay Street, then transfer to a Manhattan-bound A for High St. I advise, once again, get some exercise with a brisk walk from Jay Street. Mary, it appears you’re safe to take the A this weekend. But it looks like the F is a bit screwy. Also, A trains making all local stops between Euclid Avenue in Brooklyn and 168th Street in Manhattan.

The 2,3: NO 2 TRAINS RUNNING BETWEEN ATLANTIC AVENUE (brooklyn) AND CHAMBERS STREET (manhattan) (except bowling green). NO 3 TRAINS RUNNING AT ALL. That’s right. Mayhem! So no service at Hoyt and Clark Street stops in Brooklyn, and Park Place, Fulton, and Wall Street in Manhattan. Those of us nearer to the Hoyt or Clark street stops will just have to schlep over to Borough Hall and take the 4. For those who live behind the Atlantic Avenue stop along the 2/3 line, you will need to transfer to the 4 for service to Manhattan as well. Transfer at Bowling Green for the 5 (running on the 2,3 line) or…the 2. Yes, I know I said it isn’t running between Atlantic and Chambers Street, but according to the MTA, Bowling Green doesn’t count. To get back to Brooklyn from the west side of Manhattan, take the 5 or 2 to Bowling Green and transfer to the 4.

The 4: Running normally, but will be making all 3 stops to New Lots Avenue.

The 5: The 5 and the 2 are interchangeable, running on the same line between Bowling Green and 149th street. I believe there is a koan about this: A zen master and his student are waiting at the Bowling Green subway stop. They hear the rumbling and see the speeding mass of an incoming train. The student asks “Is it the 5, or is it the 2?” The master smiles and nods in silence.

The C: No C trains running at all. Still taking the weekends off to visit a sick mother.

The D (updated 3/2 6:52pm): The MTA doesn’t care about Brooklyn people. The Manhattan-bound D still running on the N line between Stillwell Avenue and 36th Street. AND, on Saturday between 9am and 6pm, the Manhattan-bound D will run express between Bay Parkway and 62nd Street. Consult their Service Advisory for alternative routes.

The F (updated 3/2 6:52pm): Brooklyn-bound trains skip York Street in Brooklyn, as well as 2nd Ave, Delancey St, East Broadway, and Broadway/Lafayette in Manhattan. The MTA recommends taking the F to Jay Street and transferring to a Manhattan-bound F to York, but if you can, take the A to High street and walk the extra few blocks.

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  • Claude Scales

    An option for those going to the Times Square area or the Upper West Side (Lincoln Center, etc.) is to take the R train from Court Street (entrance at Montague and Clinton or Montague and Court) to Times Square. For those continuing uptown, it’s easy to switch there to the uptown 5, 2 or 1 train. (Since it wasn’t mentioned in the advisory, probably because it never reaches Brooklyn in any event, I presume the 1 is running normally.)

  • Qfwfq

    Actually, I found taking the 4 to 42nd/Grand Central, then transferring to the S to Times Square for other west side trains to be quicker than you would think on multiple occasions, though I may have been lucky when catching the S.

  • Claude Scales

    Even though the R is a local and therefore slower than the 4 (and runs less frequently during off-peak times), it’s still only one train change versus two, and, if you ride near the front of the R, the walk from the R platform at Times Square to the 1/2/5 platform there is much shorter than that from the 4 to the S at Grand Central. I suspect you have had good luck with the timing of connections. In the final analysis, it probably doesn’t make that much difference, and your route has the advantage, if you care about such things, of allowing a bit more leg exercise.

  • frelkins

    In these situtations, I use’s google interactive subway route map to plot various route possibilities and see what all the options are.

  • me

    You may have misread the mta adisory for the A train it says:

    Brooklyn-bound trains run on the F from West 4 to Jay Sts
    Weekend, 12:01 AM Sat to 5 AM Mon, Mar 10 – 12

    Note the date: Mar 10 – 12. Which is NEXT weekend. For this weekend the A train advisory is:

    Uptown trains skip Spring, 23, and 50 Sts
    Weekend, 12:01 AM Sat to 5 AM Mon, Mar 3 – 5

    Trains run local local between 168 St and Euclid Av
    12:01 AM Sat to 5 AM Mon until Mar 12

    The weekend advisoried can be found here:

  • Qfwfq

    I swear to God on my grandparents’ grave, the advisory originally had it listed as March 3-5, and March 10-12. I’ll fix the post.

  • Qfwfq

    HA! I’m not going crazy. According to the page Google cached as of March 1st it said:

    Brooklyn-bound trains run on the F from West 4 to Jay Sts
    Weekend, 12:01 AM Sat to 5 AM Mon, Feb 24 – 26 & Mar 3 – 5

    For service to Spring, Canal, and Chambers Sts, take the E instead.

    For service to Broadway-Nassau and High Sts, take the A to Jay St and transfer to a Manhattan-bound A.

    For service from these stations, take an uptown A to West 4 St and transfer to a Brooklyn-bound A.

  • bongo’s map is clever and interesting, but it really does come up with some terrible routes. IMHO