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  • gc

    Crowded by the “form over substance” part of the Heights population.

  • Jack Stryker

    I walked by Chez Moi on Atlantic the other day and noticed a sign that said they were closed for a private event. I could see something behind the sign, and when I peeled it away, there was a yellow Department of Health sign saying they were closed. (And saying that it is a violation of the law to cover the sign.) Have to say that I find myself pretty angry at the deception. It is one thing to have a bad inspection — stuff happens sometimes with kitchens — but it is far worse to try and cover it up. They won’t be getting my business anymore.

  • Banet

    Ugh. And I just ate there today for the first time in 6 months or a year. No food poisoning but the food was surprisingly mediocre.

  • Andrew Porter

    Interesting. Turned them in to 3-1-1.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    1000% correct. You just a robotized element trooping into a place like that, reacting to the look or the “buzz”. We used to call them “trendziods”” in the mid 70’s or eighties. Ugh!

  • MaggieO

    ugh. this is a huge bummer. they got 9 critical violations at Thursday’s inspection, and 1 non-critical. 79 total violation points… ick. and whoever had the bright idea to cover the sign probably screwed them completely.

  • ionFreeman

    Do we get the anchor back?

  • Arch Stanton

    Yeah but no loss there.

  • redlola

    it’s like you know her… she is A LOT.

  • Claude Scales

    Not if another restaurant goes there.

  • brooklynbull

    Andrew – do you know if this is the view from Clinton Street, or rom what is now Cadman Plaza?

  • Andrew Porter

    It’s along Clinton Street, facing northeast.

  • brooklynbull

    Thanks! I pass by here daily – interesting to know there was another (relatively) tall building here before the current behemoth under construction.
    So – the library was historically just a brief interlude of clear sky