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  • Jorale-man

    The new high-rise in Brooklyn Bridge Park looks to be about 10 stories now. And the foundation for the skyscraper at Clinton & Cadman Plaza is massive – must be 30 feet deep. And then there are the new high-rises planned for the former LI Hospital site in Cobble Hill. I’m glad we’re a landmarked neighborhood but still, feels like we’re slowly being boxed in on all sides.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I see a lot of Christmas trees on the curb with plastic stands still attached, even some with lights still strung up inside. Honestly wondering: did a city department send out a memo that this was okay—that they’d happily remove and separately process the inorganic components—or are so many of my neighbors just really that lazy?

  • mac

    unfortunately I think it’s the later…. :(

  • Confused Parent

    Any recommendations for city wide zoned schools? District one in Manhattan is a choice district. Anyone have any experience with any schools in district one? I am having a hard time finding 12 schools to put down on the NYC kindergarten application. With a waitlist possibility at PS 8 I’d like to the complete the application in full with 12 great back up options. I’m just having a hard time finding 12 options within district 13.

  • BklynT

    If you’re up for a charter school, Brooklyn Prospect Charter School Downtown Elementary is fantastic. The K-12 school is lottery-based, free, and eventually leads to an IB diploma. Honestly, if it existed when my child was K-5 ready, I would have JUMPED. We are at the middle school now and will absolutely stay for the HS located in Windsor Terrace. The teachers are beyond amazing, the curriculum is incredible, the message of the school is beautiful, it’s diverse and has a global focus. It prepares children for life…I can’t say enough good things about this school.

  • meschwar

    Can anybody recommend a good framing shop in the area? I’m not looking for anything too ornate, just a basic poster frame. Ideally, I’d love a place that delivers. (It’s a big poster!)

  • DIBS

    Lazy and stupid.

  • DIBS

    Make A Frame on Atlantic

  • A Neighbor

    It’s worse than that even. Trees that are undecorated are picked up separately, chopped up and used for mulch. Decorated trees are treated as garbage.

  • winchell’s cavanaugh

    Daphne Frames on Montague Street, upstairs

  • brooklynbull

    Got some work done at Daphne — excellent job.

  • MaggieO

    can we talk about dogs some more?

  • Reggie

    Quite gamy, requires marinating overnight.

  • Arch Stanton

    Yeah noticed that too and it seems like more trees than I ever remember.

  • Arch Stanton

    +1 for make a frame on Atlantic. I had a couple of illustrations framed there, they did a great job.

  • vspingola

    Parking tickets all the way down hicks st today even though alternate side parking was suspended. Anyone know what’s up?

  • vspingola

    Hopefully PS 307 is on your list!

  • Confused Parent

    Thank you for the recommendation! We have applied there so it’s great to hear such wonderful news about the school. I know Brooklyn Prospect has many students applying so fingers crossed!

  • LDS

    I give Daphne a thumb’s up too. And the owner is a really nice guy.

  • Bornhere

    Montague Framing (below Five Guys) has been a Heights business for several years, and they have replaced Jubilee Art (Henry and Clark) as my go-to for framing. Their shop isn’t elegant or eye-catching, but they have framed valuable oils for me, as well as run-of-the-mill but beloved prints, and they have always done a fine job. And their matting skills and aesthetic sense are, I think, excellent.

  • Banet

    I expect people found it too cold this year to deal with lights and the stands. No an excuse, just an explanation.

  • Brooklyn heights guy

    It’s not so bad. At least there’s plenty of public schools and hospitals to accommodate all the new residents. Oh wait….

  • Arch Stanton

    A traffic cop once told me, the 8am to 6pm streets technically weren’t Alternate Side Parking, they fall under meter regulations. Only the spots with 1 ½ hour regulations are ASP. Of course that is throughly ridiculous so it’s probably true.

  • Guest

    Do people take the lights and stand-off outside? We’ve always done it inside.

  • Banet

    I expect some do it outside because pulling off the lights inside would cause even more of the needles to drop all over.

  • District 13 parent

    I’m guessing you don’t need 12 schools to get a placement. That said, within District 13, I would recommend (not in a particular order) PS 20, which has a dual language program, PS 56, PS 11, all on the C subway. They’re zoned schools but the first two may have room for out of zone students. I’m not sure about PS 11. PS 307, which is walkable from Brooklyn Heights, also has terrific programs. On the 2/3 subway, PS 9, another zoned school, is worth a look, as is PS 282. Arts and Letters is an unzoned school, meaning it takes students from all over the district. It currently shares space with PS 20, so it’s on the C train. PS 133 is also unzoned.

    As for District 1, it’s true that the schools are unzoned, but it might be hard to get your child into them unless you live within the district. The one exception to that rule is Nest+m, a citywide gifted and talented school. To be admitted, your child would have to score 99 on the G&T exam and then luck out within a very competitive lottery.

  • MaggieO

    i got a ticket for parking on the wrong side of Sidney Place when alternate side was suspended but see TONS of cars there without tickets most of the time. it seems like one of those things that is only randomly enforced. The way I understand it is if alternate side is suspended on a wednesday I can park on the side of Sidney Place that says “no parking wednesday 8am-6pm” but i can’t park on the side that says “parking permitted only wednesday 8am-6pm.” I’m not sure if that’s really the way it works but kinda makes sense because they’re narrow streets and even when alternate side is suspended it’s not ideal to let people park on both sides of a narrow street.

  • Banet

    In a turn of events as rare as a blue moon or seen Bigfoot, I saw worker carting a load of debris out of the Bossert Hotel. Recognizing him as someone I’ve seen before, I decided to take advantage of the moment and ask him if he had any idea when his place was going to open.

    He said they were told they were aiming for the Fourth of July. I laughed and said “what happened the Halloween of a year and a half ago?” He laughed and said he remembered when they were aiming for that date as well. He also said that he doesn’t think the Fourth of July is realistic.

    My God, I can’t conceive of what a bath the investors must be taking compared to what they were promised. Who in their right mind would tie up their cash for over five years with zero return?

  • anon

    There’s a school bus from Brooklyn Heights to PS 133 (dual language french, dual language spanish) on 4th Avenue

  • Cranberry Beret

    By golly, I think that explanation is (mostly) correct. The DOT’s website says Alternate Side Parking is generally identified by the sign with the P with a broom through it. The 8am-6pm blocks do NOT have that type of signage. I never really focused on that before.

    These streets aren’t technically under “meter regulations” (they don’t have meters, after all). However, as a block that has periodic (but not continuous) no-parking rules, they follow the same guidelines for when the “no parking” is suspended as for meter suspensions — ONLY on the 6 major legal holidays (New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day).