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  • cool

    it’s so cold – what’s the best place for a cozy cocktail?

  • Mary Kim

    I really like The Binc on Henry St., and Chez Moi on Atlantic.

  • Andrew Porter

    But who wants to go out into this bone-chilling weather? I do have to say that I’m starting to get cabin fever; haven’t been outside since the 24th, when I went to Plymouth Church’s Christmas Eve Service.

  • Andrew Porter

    Time for more controversial Old BH Postcards! Here’s another of the Hotel St. George, this time showing the Clark and Henry edge. There was a drugstore/soda fountain in the corner, there when I first moved here:

  • Jean

    The bar at friend of a farmer is cozy, fireplace up front too!

  • Babbie Jacobs

    Does anyone know where the guy from Fork and Pencil went? He was great. Thanks for any tips on where to find him. Thanks!

  • StoptheChop

    The Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar & Kitchen.

  • Banet

    What was Fork and Pencil?

  • Babbie Jacobs

    It was an antique store on Bergen near court

  • Arch Stanton

    What was so great about him?

  • Slyone

    Alex Grabcheski? He’s still around, don’t know about the store (though the website is still active: . . . and the phone number listed in the contact info section still has an active voice mail box — I just called). He still provides books for public school book fairs (did PS8’s this past fall), and school/PTA gets a bigger share of proceeds (historically 35% though it may have change a little over the years) from sales than most of those book fairs. It was part of his non-profit/giving-back-to-the-community vision, at least when PS8 first started with them years ago.

  • Arch Stanton

    The bar may be cozy but I find the service somewhat arrogant.

  • Andrew Porter

    Getting 404 errors from the links in the “Nabe Chatter” to here…

  • Andrew Porter

    Finally went out Friday, all bundled up, and it wasn’t too bad, until I hit a windy patch coming back. Then it was brutal…