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  • Slyone

    That’s a great picture. I never knew the guy or the store, but it takes me to a time and place I miss.

  • Pierrepont

    What the heck happened to the Subway joint on Montague Street? Big DOH CLOSED sign on the door.

  • ykwhthis….

    Your efforts only intensified the situation. And what you term as hijac….ah, forget it, it’s Christmas….look at the trees/decorations. Listen to the music, and remember the reason for the season. (Even I don’t want to fight during this very special time)

  • ykwhthis…

    Well, first of all, when you address European countries you have to first understand they are not under any freedom of speech tradition or our (precious) constitutional freedoms. Secondly they are under a regional authority. So you have to VERY careful what you post. Searches of certain web sites can get you into major “difficulties” quickly
    Besides that, we just lost net neutrality and last year the entire legal and administrative functions of the web were turned over to “international” “control”🕵️‍♂️….and people are concerned about artistic posting rules? 🤤

  • B.

    Oh, good. I thought from your initial comments that you thought there was indeed something wrong with his doing so. My error.

  • Rufus Pearson

    Is there a law about noise levels in Brooklyn Heights? There is yet another extremely loud party on Willow Place tonight. The music is, yet again, insanely loud. I mean, come on people! No regard at all for neighbors! is there anything that can be done???

  • Sick of 70 Willow

    70 willow st at it again. Whats with the black barrier boxes in front on the sidewalk. Isnt that a violation of codes or landmarks. For 3 years their construction crews parked illegally all over the block and on peoples sidewalks. Loooks like they dont want it in front of thier house. They also painted a yellow line in front. How is this legal. What is the procedure to get the ryesores removed from the sidewalk?

  • Arch Stanton

    Call 311 and lodge a complaint.

  • Arch Stanton

    Yep, I saw the owner taking cases of food out of there today and loading them into his car.
    Looked on the DOH website for the specific violation, must have been pretty gruesome, but it hasn’t been updated yet.

  • Andrew Porter

    I walked by Vegetarian Ginger on Montague today, and a notice in the window said they’d lost their lease, and were closed forever.

  • Reggie

    But under what name? Rufus Pearson? Sick of 70 Willow? Mad Hatter? Bridge worker? The Ghost of Herman Behr? Da Grippe? ykwhthis? Rich Guy? Punkville? Apologies if any of the preceding are not Jeffrey Smith.

  • Arch Stanton

    I think, I’m a pretty good detector of JS’s BS. My Jeff-dar is reading low on this one.

  • brooklynbull

    That’s a shame. It wasn’t a pretty restaurant, but the food was fresh & healthy, the prices were reasonable, and the staff was extremely efficient and pleasant.
    One wonders what will go in that location — I’ve noticed there are not nearly enough real estate offices on Montague Street …..

  • MaggieO

    there are laws about noise levels in residential neighborhoods but not for specific neighborhoods.
    if you have a problem you have 3 choices from what i understand – 1) go to your neighbor’s house to complain and ask for relief, 2) call the local precinct, 3) call 311 and file a complaint

  • Nervous for Christmas

    IT’S TRUE!!! I’ve noticed that something like y0% plus of the posts on here are in fact by Jeffrey Smith and his associates!! Really, besides the above, he is responsible for almost everything you see here! This blog was secretly started and is currently managed by JS. He is the real power (besides the Vatican) behind the Casino, see those bricks in that building? That’s JS, those clouds in the sky? He put them there! Mayor Blaze is one of his aliases! He’s everywhere I tell you!!! He’s EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Yeah, well it’s true, I am responsible for 80-90% of the problems afflicting the Heights! I provoke otherwise Angelic people to acts and deeds hey would never, ever do or be on their own. I’m a terrible influence and the Heights would be so much better if I were somewhere else….
    In fact I’ve now taken over Christmas! Santa has been (ahem) replaced…and now I’m the real Santa.

  • Jeff Smith

    There is a more important side to this; a LOT of people with serious food allergies, including WTC exposure residents in the Heights, and people on strict diets due to serious diordersdepended on ginger for a healthy, nonreactive meal they could always depend on. Too bad if its true they’re gone.