Never Forget-A Very Special Open Thread

Today is a very special edition of Open Thread. The blog remembers the events of the World Trade Center and pays tribute to the nearly 3,000 souls lost. Our hearts are especially with the brave fire fighters, families and loved ones of local firehouse, Ladder 118/Engine 205, who lost six heroic men on that tragic day.

The Brooklyn Heights Interfaith Clergy Association will hold their annual 9/11 memorial service on the Promenade tonight beginning at 6:30 pm.

Join Rev. Ana and the Brooklyn Heights Interfaith Clergy Association for a community-wide memorial for the lives lost in the attacks of September 11, 2001. We will pray and sing together, remembering loss and envisioning a world of peace. All are welcome. We will meet on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade near the Montague Street entrance.

Tell us where you were sixteen years ago on this day. How do you commemorate this day? Never. Forget.

Photo Credit: SongBirdNYC

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  • Mary Kim
  • SilverShoes

    We were on vacation in a small French town. Felt guilty not to be with our people. Walked for hours that day trying to process the rage and sadness. But remember how every single person in that French town embraced us (figuratively) and expressed solidarity and sincere condolences. The world really was with us in those horrible days. It seemed a smaller and more cohesive place than today for sure.

  • Jorale-man

    Nice shot. Interesting how they put on their formal uniforms.

  • ykwthis

    The events of 9-11 and its aftermath was greatly felt with many, many Heights residents. The impact of that day transcended social and political standings and backgrounds. Those who were not directly involved in the actual event in Manhattan were indeed involved in the other major effect of 9-11; the massive toxic exposure the event produced. The Heights was directly in the center of the toxic output’s pathway. Many Heights residents had serious health effects and continue to have them to this day.

    Beyond the direct and secondary victims, many knew someone who was either lost, injured or suffered a loss of normal life after wards. The Heights also contains many clear eyed observers who fully understand the massive nonfeasence on so many levels which was also a terrible produce of 9-11’s aftermath, continuing to this day…..the nation was never the same, and neither was some aspects of this place we call the Heights…..

  • Andrew Porter

    Photo shows the new doors, with an image from the doors which are now displayed in the 9/11 Museum.

    Here’s my photo (not this year) of the Memorial Lights, which I saw last night. Lots of people on the Promenade looking at them. There was also some sort of memorial service at the Montague Street entrance, with coverage by NY1; also a dozen police officers:

  • Jeffrey Smith

    NYU Langone researchers released a major report last Thursday showing profound cardiovascular effects on children who breathed 9-11 fumes and dust. Most research has now well established clear causality between being at or in the area /downwind of the 9-11 disaster for airways. Well, now a major institution has found clear causality of very negative consequences for the cardiovascular system in adults who were children at the time of 9-11.

    Guess how many Hundreds of Heights children breathed the TONS of 9-11 dust and fumes which blew through the Heights in the MONTHS after 9-11

    Thank you Christie (bell of Lawrenceville) Whitman, Mayor G and the hoards of NYC Press for assuring the public including concerned parents over and over that the air was “safe to breathe”…

    Anyone can who doubts about the above can simply call the NYU Chief researcher assnt prof of epidemiology Leonardo Trasande (646) 501 2520

    Of course, since that time many 9-11 exposure victims have found that there are simple nutrients and natural products which prevent the development or reverse many 9-11 conditions…but no one is supposed to know about that….

  • Andrew Porter

    I’m still really unhappy that all the care and attention to the health risks for those south of 14th Street amazingly stopped at the East River, so, as you say, all the BH kids (and their parents, and me, and you) breathed in that crap for four months.

    I escaped the fumes, finally, spending a couple of weeks at the end of the year in Port Isaac, Lyme Regis, and other places in England.

  • AnnofOrange

    I went to Columbia Heights and watched in horror until I couldn’t look any longer. Called LICH to volunteer…so futile! Volunteered for Red Cross and was assigned to Marriott Hotel respite center where I served food, cleaned tables, washed off firefighters boots. Then was assigned as a van driver taking other volunteers from Floyd Bennett Field to Ground Zero area.

    Every year I take flowers to the Promenade and to Middagh Street firehouse. This year, I placed two photographs (that I can no longer bear to look) on the Promenade fence by the Broken Sky wreath. September 11th will never be a normal day.

  • Andrew Porter

    And I will never ever go to the 9/11 Memorial or Museum.

    All this emotional baggage is complicated by September 13th, the date my Mom died…