FDNY May Take Part Of Former Hillary HQ At One Pierrepont Plaza

The Real Deal reports that the FDNY is considering taking half of the space at One Pierrepont Plaza (photo) vacated by Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters, to replace part of the administrative space in nearby MetroTech that it has now outgrown.

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  • Patrick Henry

    FDNY aside, did you ever notice that horrible people (and their organizations) strongly tend to gravitate to horrible buildings?

    well, anyway,…as we sang (at the top of lungs) as we marched around the Heights on election night;…”Ding Dong the witch is dead”

  • Reggie

    Oh, Jeff! Sometimes you just crack me up!

  • Andrew Porter

    My podiatrist, Dr. Trepal, is in this building, as is the excellent Urgent Care. Maybe they have a psychiatric department you could consult?

  • Reggie

    The first step always is acknowledging that you have a problem.

  • B.

    Did you really? And are you happy with the other candidate now?

    And are you glad that your raucous yelling disturbed people who’d gone to bed, having had to go to work the next day?