Open Thread Wednesday 4/8/09

Flickr photo of $8.99 toothpaste at Gristedes by ystrickler

Flickr photo of $8.99 toothpaste at Gristedes by ystrickler

It’s Open Thread Wednesday and it’s why they hate us for our freedom.  What’s on your mind? Comment away!

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  • benita berman

    Thank you, Nabeguy. I think you can post photos on the Yahoo group website. I’ll check it out and post them there for the members.

  • No One Of Consequence

    They got a 30(?) year lease in like 1980 or something when the nabe was a dump and the space even worse. Part of that lease is a crazy small rent of like $10,000… a year. I _think_ that’s what it is… may not be exactly right, but the exact figure doesn’t matter when you’re talking about a place of that size. Even $10,000 a month is a steal.
    So, it’s business, and they took a chance a long time ago so perhaps they deserve to profit from it. Fine. Capitalism at work (remember what that is Obama-ites?)

    So, you’d think they’d be a happier, more generous lot, but it just doesn’t seem that way now, does it?

  • nancy

    I pulled out of there years ago; it is a gym that no matter how long they close for “maintenance” every summer, still is filty, with the same broken equipment.
    As for the rent, it is actually $9,000 per month. The St. George should just throw them out when the lease becomes due

  • bornhere

    Thanks, nabe. The St. George yahoo group is really interesting. Some memories predate even mine :)

    (NOOC: I take issue with describing BH as “a dump,” whether in 1980 or 1970 or ….)

  • No One Of Consequence

    Perhaps more correctly the St. George was a dump at the time(?).
    To be honest, I wasn’t here then, so I am going on hearsay.

    Anyways, $9k/month.. consider a place like 5 Guys is in the 5 figures. The mexican rest. on Pineapple wants around $7500. The Palmira’s space is only about $10k.

    EAC rent is chump change (today).
    The place has got to be at least 20,000 ft2. Probably more. 50 cents a foot?

  • beth

    Any word on the laundromat on Montague? Are they definitely closed for good?

    I miss George.

  • No One Of Consequence

    What’s going on with the hundreds (thousands?) of people walking over the bridge?

  • PJL

    I believe it’s a Good Friday Procession….