Controversy Over Who Will Be New P.S./M.S. 8 Principal

The Daily News reports that some P.S.8 parents believe that Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña is blocking the appointment of P.S./M.S.8 Assistant Principal Patricia Peterson as principal to replace Seth Phillips, who retired in June. The reason given, according to the Daily News story, is that “Peterson is a former student of Fariña who’s been accused of getting promotions thanks to her history with the chancellor” and that Fariña “is blocking Peterson’s principal appointment because she doesn’t want to appear to be giving Peterson special treatment.” The News quotes an Education Department spokeswoman: “Any suggestion that the chancellor is influencing the hiring of the PS 8 principal is completely false.”

We have been told that the faculties of both P.S. and M.S.8 support the appointment of Ms. Peterson as principal. We will keep you advised of further developments.

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  • Reggie

    “‘I can imagine someone being very popular because they’re great with people, but that does not necessarily mean they’re the best educational leader or the best manager,’ [deBlasio] added.” Mr. Mayor, Trish IS an educator, if you would care to read her bio’ on the school’s website:

  • Slyone

    And the teachers at the lower school who have worked with/under Trish as lower school AP for the last year have expressed unanimous support of her for a host of reasons that have to do with both her curricular leadership and management skills. Our outgoing principal — based on his long-time professional experiences with her — also supported her. None of these educators has indicated that their support of her has anything to do with whether she is or is not “great with people.”

  • Cranberry Beret

    School starts in 7 weeks and there’s no principal. Way to go, DOE.