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  • gc

    Hard to believe this has been going on for so long. More of the background cacophony that has become our once quiet neighborhood. Does anybody really care anymore?

  • KXrVrii1

    I called 311 last week, they sent firetrucks since I said it sounded like an alarm (even though I told them it was unlikely to be an emergency since it had been going on for weeks.) But apparently it isn’t alarms, just construction that sounds like fire alarms.

    It did seem a little better for the rest of the day, the “alarm” noise rather than being continuous was at least intermittent.

    Have either of you tried calling 311?

  • Diesel

    Agreed, lazy “humans” uh, don’t get me started….

  • Andrew Porter

    That’s across from the dorms in the St. George, and they’re likely the problem.

    I only use my debit card to take out money from my bank’s ATMs. There are fewer safeguards from debit card-linked accounts. Use your credit card, or just pay cash.

  • Jim Tucker Jr.

    Just got back from Chantilly Va. spent three days down there making life misrable for the Bilderbergs meeting with big protests. We had a signs “Brooklyn Heights against international elites” and “Brooklyn Heights says kill the Bilderberg (event) We got a lot of attention and praise. We gave out like 2000 AFP’S. Every year we have a great time their events…..

  • SongBirdNYC

    I know this is a difficult situation. There could be some minimal movement mid-late June. Families have until June 16th to accept offers to Gifted & Talented. But currently the school is registered for 2017-18 K at over capacity. As such, wait listed families were advised by the Parent Coordinator that there may not be much movement from the wait list. There may be some attrition over the summer (people move, decide to go elsewhere). I IMPLORE families to notify PS8 ASAP if their plans change for their child/children.

  • gatornyc

    I think the answer is weight. The piers can only support a certain amount and the number of panels required to be worthwhile would add a substantial amount of weight.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Get rid of the police presence in the park! Oh wait…

  • Diesel

    Sounds like erroneous speculation to me…

  • Roberto

    On June 6th, I walked by Henry Street near Clark Street and came upon a Stanley Steemer van that was hoovering a brownstone. The decibel level from its vacuum mechanism definitely pushed the limits set by the NYC Noise Code. Levin’s office was notified. I hope that Stanely would do a better job monitoring its activities.

  • gatornyc

    Care to explain? Happen to know something about both. Didn’t state this a fact, just a reasonably informed opinion.

  • Claude Scales

    It’s not a fire alarm bell, as I originally supposed (I live next door). It’s grinding to remove adhesive from the floors. I’ll post more details under my next OTW, which will go up tonight.

  • DIBS

    What specific aspect of their meeting are you protesting against? Or are you just against “elites” in general, in principal, from your Brooklyn Heights vantage point?