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  • DIBS

    That would be a logical way of thinking about the whole thing. As we see in dealing with so many city Departments, logic doesn’t always prevail.

  • Arch Stanton

    Spot on. I did a job for the landlord of the building back in the late eighties. It was adding a doorway on the second floor landing, to prevent the fortune tellers “clientele” from wandering on to upper floors and the roof, apparently passed out junkies was an ongoing problem.
    The first couple of days I was working on the project the “madame” came out several times to chat with me, offered me iced tea and a free “reading”. I took her up on the offer figuring why not for free…
    As I recall they, Gypsy family were also living in the space, the “reading area” only by the front window, the back being an apartment. She was very good at her craft, telling me a lot of truths about my life, I was almost convinced but then realized she was able to discern most of it from the questions she had asked me earlier. I rebuffed her offers of further predictions for a fee.
    The last day of the project She came out and told me her daughter was raped that morning and she desperately needed to borrow some money to help pay the doctor… Naturally I refused.

  • Doug Biviano

    This is exactly why Brad Lander should apologize to Trump supporters and all of his Brooklyn constituents for accusing Trump voters without a shred of evidence of drawing Swastikas in Adam Yauch Park. Provocateurs are a troubled breed:

  • George Link

    I and a number of associates attended that rally and distributed 300 flyers asking the press to simply Google the following: James mado mana truhill, Emmanuel trujilo James madole, John battle Toronto telegram June 25, 1965, James guttman Mordechai levy, Robert friedman 8/22/1989 village voice p 15, December 7 1981 wcco jimmy Anderson James r rosenberg, Andrew Britt greenbaum.. There is a LONG history of this kind of “activity”

  • brit1085

    If anyone knows someone who lost a ring in Cadman Plaza Park, found near the War Memorial, please have them contact me through this craigslist “Found” post. Thanks!

  • Doug Biviano

    Silly thought that the Press would actually change their narrative for historical context or even the truth for that matter. haha. So far only two local network news outlets have picked up the story. Don’t hold your breath expecting that MSNBC or CNN will parrot this story in their news cycle since it doesn’t fit their Trump Hate narrative.

  • Andrew Porter

    If it’s Wednesday, it’s time for another Old BH Postcard!

    Here’s the Crescent Athletic Club, before they went bankrupt during the Depression and the building became St. Ann’s School:

  • B.

    The best thing to do is shovel the snow from your sidewalk into your front garden, small as it might be. The shrubs and hedges will thank you.

  • KaraBK