Pier Six Lawsuit Hearing Postponed Again

We’ve just received word from the Brooklyn Heights Association that the hearing on the BHA’s lawsuit to enjoin construction of two high rise residential buildings on the uplands of Pier Six in Brooklyn Bridge Park has been postponed for a second time. The hearing was originally scheduled for March 7, then postponed to tomorrow (Wednesday, March 22). It has now been postponed until an unspecified date in April because of a trial this week having been assigned to the judge, The Hon. Lucy Billings.

We will let you know when a specific date, as well as time and place, have been established.

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  • Andrew Porter

    The standard stall-and-delay until it’s too late tactic that the BBP has engaged in before. “Oh, gee, it’s too late to protest now—why didn’t you do this a year (a decade, 6 months) ago?”

    At least they didn’t move the hearing to, say, Buffalo, NY…

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com/ Claude Scales

    Back when I was taking a bar exam cram course, the great Professor McLaughlin of Fordham Law told us how New York City merchants would assign their collectibles to agencies in Chemung County, so if you wanted to contest your bill, you would have to go to court in Elmira.

  • Banet

    To play devil’s advocate, the longer this draws out, the less likely a building goes up. After all, it’s been dragged out long enough for the 2017 assessments to come out and show a much stronger cashflow. That alone might be enough to scuttle the buildings.