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  • Reggie

    No mention of Hudson Companies or the BPL deal in the NYT article about the SDNY and Manhattan DA’s decisions not to prosecute Mayor de Blasio on corruption charges. Hopefully we have heard the last from Love Our Libraries on this particular point.

  • Andrew Porter

    In a triumph of poor planning, the newly installed WiFi Hotspot in front of the old library will be inside a construction fence that goes out to the edge of the sidewalk. So it will be inaccessible to anyone for several years, until construction is finished.

    I called 311 and the BHA, let them know.

  • Andrew Porter

    These were removed when that entrance was “modernized.” There used to be an enamel sign there, too, which mentioned trains going to Vanderveer Park (an old name for East Flatbush), but it too disappeared. I wonder if they’re in the Transit Museum now?

  • You know who this is

    Well,again, there are a number of property owners who never properly or only belatedly shovel. And you’ll notice there is NEVER any enforcement against several key RE entities in the Heights. And for that matter, why in one of the wealthiest communities in America the crosswalks are never properly shoveled? Well, its because of our wonderful malthusian mentality “leadership”

  • vspingola

    You don’t sound like a prize yourself Loibl. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • Andrew Porter

    Dine in Brooklyn starts on Monday, but only two restaurants, including Armando’s, are part of the program here in the Heights:

  • Peter Loibl

    Ahh, smack talk from an anonymous poster. Somehow, getting reprimanded by a coward just doesn’t make much of an impact, sorry. Run along now …

  • Paul Sherman

    The passing of Chuck Berry brings to mind the shows at the Brooklyn Paramount. We used to walk from the Heights. I also saw him also at another local venue in ’57. He also openly said that his music would be impossible without a huge element of country. He cared less the howls that truth caused.

  • Andrew Porter

    He’s not that anonymous. If you click on the name, his history of posts, mostly on Gothamist, appears. Then there’s conjecture, which suggests a first name and history.

  • AbeLincoln

    Enough with the misogyny

  • redlola

    just curious…what would you have called an old man acting in a similarly putrid manner?

  • Andrew Porter

    Donald Trump?

  • Diesel

    You don’t smell too good yourself dude.

  • Roberto

    Attention! Lovers of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden!

    Cornell Realty is coming to request a zoning change of a protected zone, made such by Brooklyn Botanic Garden in 1991.

    They want to build 19/20 story buildings in a height restricted zone of 6/7 stories.

    This is 300% increase in the average size of the buildings!

    This massive luxury development will have a tremedous impact upon the current residents, causing major displacement and gentrification in one of the most affordable and populated areas in Brooklyn!

    Changing height limits will destroy the view from within the garden, create shadows over the garden, decreasing sunlight to the greenhouses and the outdoor collection, and displacement and gentrification will quicken it’s pace.

    When: Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at 7pm

    Where: Crown Gardens Community Room, 1185 Carroll St. (Entrance on Nostrand Ave. between Carroll and President), Brooklyn, New York

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at (718) 703-3086