More Homeland Simulated Chaos This Sunday

Brooklyn Community Board 2 tells us that this Sunday, February 26, there will be more filming of Homeland centered at 110 Livingston Street but affecting nearby areas. The permit extends from 6:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. As before, the action will include “explosions, simulated weapon fire, smoke and actors dressed as uniformed police and military officers.”

Unlike before, vehicles parked in affected areas will be relocated. For a list of no parking areas, more details generally, and a photo of Claire Danes, see C.B.2’s website here.

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  • Safely Anonymous

    Boy, I sure would love it if these people went away. That is 3 weekends in a row they have caused chaos in the neighborhood and disturbed a normally calm residential street. I have to listen to traumatized howling pets for hours because Homeland has to set off explosions on our block. This sucks. I’m sick of this.

  • Bob Grobe

    Once again, thank you Claude for providing us with detailed info that will help us understand and endure Sunday’s events.

  • NYC118

    Shooting is not on Livingston, it’s on Schermerhorn.

  • Film Forum

    There are several easy answers to the abuse being described here…instead of moaning how you are being assaulted, why don’t you simply do as dozens of other communities have done? In many neighborhoods. they can’t do this. Simple things like signs in windows, people standing at thier doors refusing to get out the shots, people refusing to be shush ed(!), all work really well…then there’s a new device…called an Airhorn!!! But you can’t control the situation sitting on line and moaning who is me….

  • Boerum Bill

    Man, screw Homeland! Not enough karate in that show!

  • Reggie

    Indeed, who is you?

  • Andrew Porter

    Woe is him?

    I want to know more about shush ed…

  • Film Forum

    Someone who is willing to take reasonable legal actions to protect our area….instead of yelping about how you are upset. So who are you? I know, you’re busy trying on ladies underwear….

  • Film Forum

    Well if you haven’t seen some of these film brats telling people to be quiet or move along either you’ve never been near a filming scene or your both deaf and blind….Andy Panda…

  • Reggie

    Awww, somebody’s feelings were hurt because Andrew and I made fun of his spelling.