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  • Jorale-man

    Random question: Has anyone been to Tazza on weekends when a man with giant, bundled stacks of papers shows up and occupies a seat for several hours? I generally assumed he was a harmless eccentric who was working on a novel or conspiracy tract, but the other day he sat next to me and was staring my way, trying to initiate eye contact. I could also smell his trademark cigarette smoke clinging to his clothes.

    I ignored him and went on reading, then noticed he was standing right over me with his phone out, directly above my head as I was eating a sandwich. I don’t know if he was eyeing my seat, and hoping to chase me away… but it was very creepy.

    Has anyone had similar encounters? I’m inclined to talk to the staff there if he tries anything similar again.

  • Red eye

    Are you an engineer Arch? All of these problems started AFTER 70 Willow began digging up the street. There were no water problems for the past 30 years and now magic happens at the same time they cratered the whole street. The day they started the last big dig a few weeks ago, the mains broke !!! Why are you sticking up for these pigs? You are making a laughing stock of yourself. A shill for the billionaire class you fool.

  • Arch Stanton

    I’m not sticking up for anyone. Just clarifying the known facts vs speculation. Did you politely ask the foreman what they were doing working that late?

  • Red

    Do you honestly expect anyone to go outside at 2am to politely ask a bunch of guys WHY they are jackhammering and ripping up the street ? I think there answer would be ” because we can”. You are either ignorant or a drunk with the stupidity of your comments.

  • Arch Stanton

    Okay, so now we have established, you don’t have a clue what they were really doing. It appears you are the ignorant one.

  • Red

    They were fixing the water main that they broke while back filling a hole they dug while replacing the lines to 70 willow. Take a walk down willow and look at the craters in front of that house. You shill for the billionaire.

  • WSW

    This is amazing…I never thought I’d find myself viewing either cg or archie as having a reasonable thought or argument….

  • You know who this is….

    NEIGHBORHOOD ALERT: Srarting TOMORROW several movie crews are set to take over numerous whole blocks in the Heights. This will effect many areas of BH. The permit say that filming can start at 7 AM….but in many past shoots SET UP complete with noise from unloading and loud back-up alarm starts at 5 AM(!!!) Sure, you can complain to the BH etc. but many neighborhoods have found that it takes one or two people to go down and confront the crews while someone phones in a dispute to 911 and the 84 pct. The more police runs these film types generate the less they tend to have their “we can get away with anything, we’re the creative community” attitude.

  • Arch Stanton