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  • ionFreeman

    Is Red Mango open for new years day?

  • Taters

    It’s my impression that the mannequin is there to discourage “undesirables”. It is somewhat alarming and I doubt I’ll get used to it. Perhaps I am undesirable…

  • Taters

    I feel we are spoiled for choice in the Heights area – some more “choice” than others – if you count the Atlantic ave area. Let’s be grateful- some Manhattan neighborhoods are becoming “food deserts”:

  • Kit

    Someone I know who is friends with the owner told me that the “upgrades” are a deliberate move to attract the more recent (i.e., upscale) residents to the neighborhood–i.e., if he didn’t compete on par with the upscale stores, the Key Food wouldn’t be around for very long. I was also told the owner said to tell him what you wanted and he’d stock it. (Doubtful, but there you are.) I was also told that eventually the checkout stations would be upgraded and minimized. Personally, I have always thought that store had way too much stock on the shelves and could easily do without one of the stands between aisles thus opening up more room for people to pass in the aisles. Unfortunately, the stock that has been discontinued was the wrong products. At least there is no longer a musty smell when you walk into the produce area as there was for many of the nearly 34 years I’ve lived in BH.

  • Love Laner

    I personally enjoy the mannequin because it’s just so weird.

  • Jorale-man

    That wouldn’t surprise me, especially given Kit’s comments (below) about the desire to cater to a wealthier clientele. My interest is purely about customer efficiency. And I must admit, the surlier cashiers who can’t say a simple “hello” or “thank you” make shopping there rather unpleasant at times.

  • Average Joe

    The people on this blog are wonderful, anyone says,for example, we are surrounded by air monecules, and Teresa would say, how do you know? Andy would say I don’t know that for a fact, Arch would ask for what recent studies support this and some other type will say well, why I then can’t see these particles if they exist?

    Yes, great minds gather here.

  • Andrew Porter

    The $40 million mansion at 3 Pierrepont Place that’s remained unsold for all this time is now being offered as three very expensive apartments. Article in Curbed here:

  • Brixtony

    I went there the other day after staying away for a long time. It’s a bit neater than the last time, but… couldn’t charge because the system was down; the produce I went to look for was terrible and more expensive than Peas & Pickles.