Open Thread Wednesday

What's on your mind?  How about:

The closing of St. Charles school … has P.S. 8 become that good?

Are you ready for the BHA Annual Meeting on 2/28?

Are you afraid to walk nabe streets

Thoughts on TV/Film production in the neighborhood? 

And whatever else you'd like to discuss…

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  • webster

    This one’s right outta left field, but I really miss Gil who used to work at Montague Street bagel place.

    Always a pleasure to chat with on visits there at any hour, and whenever he was working, the self-serve coffees area with all its various regular or esoteric flavors was always kept nice and stocked.

    I haven’t seen his friendly face there in at least a year, which bums me out personally, and ever since his apparent departure the self-serve coffee area is always completely out of everything, no matter what time I go (early morning, evening, late night, after midnight, whenever.

    They just don’t check the coffees anymore, and so it’s always been a letdown with an empty coffee bar when I go in there these days, sans Gil.

    Oh the inhumanity of it all (hah).

    Okay, enough of my whine. That’s just my odd contribution for this open thread Wednesday.


  • rms

    We recently bought an apartment in the neighborhood and cannot find an insurer to save our lives. Every insurer we’ve called (and we’ve called many) tells us we live too close to coastal water to for them to underwrite a policy on our apartment.

    Never mind that we’re on the fifth floor, or that our entire neighborhood must be elevated at least 100 feet above the water. Apparently topography counts for nothing.

    Surely others out there have encountered this problem. I’m wondering how common it is, whether it’s been discussed at the community board or city council level, or where other homeowners in the neighborhood might have found a willing insurer.

  • Homer Fink

    That’s odd. We’ve found the folks at Gotham Brokerage to be quite good. **unpaid plug**

  • wayne

    I got mine through Liberty Mutual…cheap rates too!

  • hkjh

    someone (st anns, packer, anybody) could open a preschool in that St Charles space and print money.

  • Mary

    What is this annual meeting, what do they discuss, and who can attend.

  • Arnold

    What happened to Mike’s Steakhouse on Clarke? I had a few good Pastramis there, then poof! Gone!

  • mcleaniac


    Welcome. Type “Mike’s” in the Site Search field above for the whole sordid tale.

  • Tim N.

    I got a policy through State Farm, never had any problems.