BHA Sour on Nabe Filming?



While Bay Ridge Councilman Vince Gentile pursues his bizarre plan to force film companies and the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting to seek community board approvals for film shoots, he seems to have the tacit backing of the Brooklyn Heights Association.

BHA exec director Judy Stanton tells Brooklyn Paper, "it becomes very galling when some 20-something crew member says you can’t walk down your street because there’s a film shoot.”

Hopefully, this issue will come up at the BHA annual meeting on 2/28. 

Moonstruck photo via Jack the Horse Tavern website

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  • Teddy

    Community board approval would be a good idea. Perhaps it would reduce or even prevent some “issues” bet. residents and film crews in the future. In particular, access to your street and noise.

  • BP

    Does the filming license/permit actually give them the right to prevent you from walking down a PUBLIC street? I might not mind so much if they “requested” that I wait for a minute or two while they complete a shot, but to simply be told that you cannot access your home is another thing.