Barricaded EDP on Hicks and Clark

Gothamist Newsmap noted that police reported a call regarding a "barricaded EDP" (emotionally disturbed person) at Hicks and Clark this morning at 8:24.  Anyone have info?

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  • M. Hermann

    I had worked the night before, otherwise I probably would have been there and not sleeping when it came over. As Breaking News Network (the actual source that Gothamist uses for its cut-and-paste information) reported, there was an initial report of an explosion which also prompted a Fire Department response. There was no fire, however incoming units were told to use caution in the area as Police had established a perimeter around the building. We didn’t page an update, which indicates that nothing remarkable came of the situation — likely they were able to take a person into custody.

    Usually, a “Barricaded EDP” is paged out because a person with trouble upstairs refuses to open the door for police, so they put in a call for Emergency Services Unit (ESU) which attempts negotiations, and if necessary, makes entry themselves. If the person is armed, this usually is part of the initial information that is broadcast, but such didn’t seem to be the case this time. 9 times out of 10, the situation is resolved without a true “stand-off.”

  • anon

    it was on the westside of henry street the brown building with green trim

    Happened to be walking by with my dog and they had a man in handcuffs on the stoop, all I heard him say was he forgot his keys and that he lived there….but there was broken glass from a ground floor window….strange…not sure what happened in the end

  • Tim N.

    Was walking up Clark at 8:25-8:30, didn’t see anything.

  • punko

    This man lives at 154 Hicks. He is clearly disturbed and has been known to walk the street naked in mid-winter, smash things (refrigerators!) in next to the building stoop, and had a fairly successful career (?) breaking into cars in the Heights. Things calm down when he disappears, which he often does for months at a time, perhaps to jail. He also has a companion who seems to goad him into acts of random aggression and violence. I myself have had to call the police on several occasions; once (Xmas eve, two years ago) he was smashing in the garden-level window of the house with a crowbar. When he saw me watching he threatened me with the crowbar too.