Breathing and the presidency: Local yoga teacher weighs in

For the last four months, Hayley Winter has been teaching yoga classes at Eastern Athletic Club as part of her Yoga Sports Science Institute. Offering classes in the morning, mid-day, and evening, she focuses on using the science of yoga to eliminate pain and stiffness and increase balance and flexibility, in a departure from traditional yoga classes. (Disclosure: I am a regular at Winter’s classes and I offered a testimonial and participated in a photo shoot for her new website.)

I’ll be writing a longer post about Hayley’s background and classes, but until then, check out her recent blog post on what the breathing patterns of our presidential candidates say about their fitness for office.

Based on over 20 years experience working with athletes and applying the science of yoga to improve athletic performance, I have observed with interest the breathing patterns of the candidates during the last 3 Presidential debates.

 There are 2 types of performance systems in the body that are relevant to the debates. My observations are that both candidates have functioned from within these different performance systems.

Using a performance system paradigm, Winter analyzed Clinton’s and Trump’s breathing patterns, even counting the number of sniffs each candidate took.

Just nine days left, folks…and if you find yourself in need a little deep breathing to get you through to the election, Winter’s classes might be just the thing.

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