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  • Justine Swartz

    LoveBrooklynLibraries had a wonderful day at this years’ Atlantic Antic Street Fair.
    Fundraising was robust. Approximately 90% of residents expressed their distain for the cruel callousness of the DeBlasio-Levin’s stupid plan to destroy our Cadman Plaza library. It is a deconstruction and absence of the only free spacious learning center for untold years. (The interim library is one-tenth the size of our Brooklyn Heights library does not provide a safe Disabled Accessible pathway.)
    Join us
    now on facebook. Help us fund our lawsuit and stop the Heartlessness of a Public Community Library Sell Off.

  • Heights Observer

    If the city wants to sell some property for future development, might I suggest the House of Detention on Atlantic Ave. The developer, as part of the purchase agreement, could build housing on Atlantic Ave. and a new prison, somewhere else, perhaps near the Mayor’s house. One wonders why the prison survived and yet we lost a library and a hospital.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Peek inside the job site on the easternmost block of Pierrepont/Montague yesterday.

  • Jorale-man

    If you’re a history buff, there’s a fascinating new exhibit at the New York Historical Society about the Battle of Brooklyn. It includes some displays that show where Washington’s troops were in the Heights.

  • bklyn84

    The next major project in the neighborhood will be at 131 Livingston—it’s expected to include a new public school.


    APRIL 14 LINK?

  • Jay

    What is up with all of the traffic measuring meters in the heights and the surrounding areas? Is this part of the normal course of business, or is it being done for another purpose. Anyone know?

  • Claude Scales

    I suspect it may have something to do with the forthcoming major repair/reconstruction work on the cantilevered portion of the BQE below the Heights, which is likely to result in greatly increased traffic flow on north-south (Hicks, Henry, and Clinton) streets in the Heights.

  • Dalvec

    Ugh! Clinton Street is loud enough with all of the enormous trucks coming through. The streets are too narrow for that kind of traffic. Is this something our local pols can address? Like its illegal for trucks of a certain size/weight to use those streets? Or at the very least put a limitation on what times they can use the streets?

  • Cranberry Beret

    24 Middagh Street, the “Queen of Brooklyn Heights,” is for sale ($7 million!!!)

  • DIBS

    It’s a big property, yes but seems like it needs work from the description, including a central AC system. The interior isn’t really WOW worthy. Paying $8 MM for window ACs? Only in NYC.

  • Andrew Porter

    A shoe store, I forget the name, just closed on Montague Street…

  • Andrew Porter

    Mary Frost on the Eagle website reports that the Cranberry Street Fair will be held this coming Saturday, October 1st. More here:

  • Reggie

    Multiple false equivalencies.

  • Jorale-man

    Agreed. I face Clinton Street and it’s a constant traffic jam throughout the day – cars routinely honking, ambulances stuck with their sirens blaring, cyclists barking at drivers. What we don’t need is more vehicular traffic streaming through our streets.

  • rss

    Does anyone know anything about the proposed rezoning of 141 Willoughby Street? I have heard that the developer has asked that it be rezoned 300 percent larger than its existing zoning, and 150 percent larger than is what’s now allowed in downtown Brooklyn.

  • Bornhere


  • bklyn84

    The application for a 49-story, 577-foot high mixed use building was approved by the City Planning Commission on September 7, 2016.

    The map and rezoning changes are here:

    The two remaining steps in the ULURP process involve the City Council and the Mayor:

  • Jorale-man

    Matt Damon was evidently looking at the mansion at 3 Pierrepont Place.. or so says the NY Post:

  • Concerned

    The original price was 9 million, but they heard the suspension bridge was coming back into use and that area of the north heights would once again become a slap boxing arena for the disadvantaged youth.
    Ok, so I made that up. Sue me.

  • Marilyn Berkon

    With all the present concern about miserable traffic on Clinton Street, imagine something far worse, really nightmarish, on that street if ever that 36-story luxury condo goes up on the site of our Brooklyn Heights Library at 280 Cadman Plaza West! Our library will be demolished, after which the construction of the luxury condo will begin and last at least 4 years. We will have toxic emissions and debris, rats, vermin, unbearable noise, the inevitable accidents, and possible damage to nearby buildings. Since this is at the important intersection of Tillary and Clinton, there will be massive traffic tie ups affecting not only Brooklyn, but the entire city. We are given the estimate of 4 years, but consider that the Donnell Library across from MOMA was supposed to be replaced after 3 years. Its mostly bookless replacement beneath the luxury high rise hotel-condo only recently opened after 8 years. We are still fighting to save our Brooklyn Heights Library. Please do all you can to prevent its loss to the greed and corruption involved in the pay-for-play contributions from the developer to de Blasio. Sign our petition at Citizens Defending Libraries. Call our elected officials. Join our rallies. Speak out. Contribute whatever you can to all our library groups fighting toward the same goal to save our Brooklyn Heights Library.

  • DIBS

    “Since this is at the important intersection of Tillary and Clinton, there will be massive traffic tie ups affecting not only Brooklyn, but the entire city.”

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Jorale-man I always appreciate your contributions but would you mind coming with a plastic bag and picking up this NY Post article and depositing it in a nearby garbage can? I almost stepped in it.


    Our Fundraiser, Oct. 23rd.
    A famous politician once said:
    Speak softly and carry a big stick.
    We are now aware of Levin’s Folly
    related to the City Council vote on
    the Library. And Pay to Play officials
    that only respond to legal actions, be
    it lawsuits, now on appeal, or a Federal
    probe, still under investigation.
    The Brooklyn Heights Association at
    their own Town Hall meeting admitting
    to that same sad fact.
    The consequences outlined above are
    already being felt. And, the bulk of
    planned area building developments
    is still to start.
    Yes, sign petitions, attend rallies, email
    officials. And, when your voices are
    again ignored by those same officials
    it’s time to resort to that legal Big Stick.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Who were the concerned cyclist friends among us? Check this out if you’re not already in the know: An app that aggregates information about motorists who make the roads unsafe for cyclists.

    I don’t have a bike but I hope it also has a category for bad cyclists…a few days ago a guy on a Shitibike came racing up the sidewalk on Clinton, nearly ran over a toddler and some others before barreling around the corner onto the Joralemon sidewalk.

  • Jorale-man

    LOL, no problem, I’ll send someone over in a minute.

  • Concerned

    DIBS, unless you live here, STFU. You got no skin in the game…

  • Andrew Porter

    It’s a done deal. Frankly, I don’t think the construction will take 4 years, but it will be a major traffic nightmare.

  • Andrew Porter

    I’ve seen numerous people on dirt bikes and small motorized bikes, none with license plates, going the wrong way and driving through red lights all over the Heights. I’ve spoken to police, but not much gets done. One of the motorized bikes is used to deliver for the Park Plaza Diner.

  • B.

    On the few occasions that I have driven into Manhattan — mostly on Sundays, several times a year — it’s a nightmare trying to exit the Brooklyn Bridge back into Brooklyn Heights. There are, of course, more cars than there were forty years ago. In addition — and really how lovely — there are many more pedestrians. People come up from Fulton Street, having just taken a boat from midtown, or go down to the park, or cut across to the carousel in Dumbo; streets and crosswalks are thronged. And since pedestrians have the right of way, cars wait. And traffic backs up on the bridge.

    When they start to demolish the library and then build their high-rise, watch how much worse things get. I’m not a car fan, but let’s face it, cars and cabs do help move people around.

    You might not care, DIBS, but even if you don’t, perhaps you can muster something more articulate than a little inarticulate face.