Honeygrow Coming to Joralemon between Clinton and Court

The “healthy food chain” (Alexandra Leon in DNA Info) called Honeygrow will be opening its first New York City restaurant at 194 Joralemon Street, between the Starbucks at the corner of Joralemon and Court, and Equinox. It seems like a good neighbor for a health club. According to the company’s website, it is expected to open early in 2017, so you’ll have to be patient before you can get your “Philly Roast Pork” (the chain originated in Philadelphia), consisting of

freshly made egg white noodles, Yards Brawler au jus, roast pork, organic baby spinach, broccoli, chili flakes, [and] asiago shavings

or, if you’re a vegan who likes things spicy, “Red Coconut Curry”, which has

rice noodles, organic roasted spicy tofu, pineapples, jalapeños, bean sprouts, scallions, [and] cilantro.

The complete menu is here (sorry, no prices given; they probably vary by location and possibly by seasonal availability of ingredients).

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