Sisters Help to Rescue Two Trapped in Court Street Station Elevator

DNA Info reports that on Sunday afternoon two sisters, Teresa and Rebecca Lo, planning to catch an R train at the Court Street station, went to catch an elevator down the station’s long descent to the subway platform and were surprised by cries for help and banging from below. An elevator had stalled just below the upper mezzanine level, but no one was on duty at the station to help and there was nothing the sisters could do to summon the errant elevator cab back. The sisters got another woman entering the station to call 911; ten minutes later FDNY personnel arrived and were able to free the trapped riders.

Court Street Station elevator photo: Wikiwand.

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  • Sharon T

    A few comments here; ten years ago I and about 15 others were trapped for over an hour and it took emergency services to free us! The several overhauls were supposed to prevent this. Meanwhile, why didn’t anyone hear the emergency alarm?

    The guy who goes off duty at the booth 8 pm is great. But the crew who follows him is, well, how many have seen people asleep!
    The weekends TA personnel are totally in sensitive. So it’s easy to see how some non sense like this could go on.

    Hint: the elevator car to the right, cops call it the “chrome box” has by far the worst safety record. The center car is fairly ok, the one on the left has by far the least problem-safety issues! Just a hint.

  • Bornhere

    Sounds awful, but this is about the two elevators at Montague and Clinton.

  • TeddyNYC

    I’ve avoided those elevators for over 10 years. I rather walk a little more to take the escalator. I usually don’t have a problem with taking an elevator, but for some reason I always had a bad feeling about them.