Open Thread Wednesday 3/25/09

BHB Photo Club pic by fkuffel via Flickr

BHB Photo Club pic by fkuffel via Flickr

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  • AEB

    Thanks, Neighbor and my2 for your comments about Katy Browning.

    The thing is, my small job, if courteously attended to, can multiply into other, perhaps bigger jobs down the line.

    Not seeing this is, I feel, the sign of an iffy business person. Service is just as important as product in occupations like that of Ms. Browning.

    If in fact she feels that some framing jobs are too small for her, perhaps she relocate from a relatively secluded location serving local folks and find a place on Madison or downtown Manhattan.

  • AEB

    (Sorry about the post duplication. Homer, por favor and please, can you have the page refreshing thing occur with less frequency/non- disruptively? I’m losing my posts mid-composition–formerly, even if the page refreshed, comment text “in process” returned, but now….


  • my2cents

    AEB, I can only defend her so much. She has become a good friend doing my small jobs and I am a satisfied customer, and I know from hanging around the shop that there are a lot of “local folks” in this “secluded location” who love her. Your comments about her relocating sort of uncalled for, frankly. But you know, I think you should just go to Mousin at Daphne and be happy. He won’t do you wrong. Service is his middle name! :-)

  • kel

    that “downstairs” place on Montague is truley disgusting. I cant speak to the quality of their work because as soon as I walked in to inquire about a job, I got wind of the most putrid smell I have ever smelled. I would never bring anything into my house that came from that place.
    Just gross!

  • AEB

    My2, Wasn’t dishing Browning’s location–I live a block away from her shop–nor the local folks, of which I’m one. Just saying that one usually sets up shop in an area that one wants to serve.

    Thanks, anyway for the recommendation.

    Peace, framed or not.

  • BH Resident

    I love the downstairs, guys. Sorry. I’ve had several things framed by them…both nice quality things and cheesy, sentimental items, and they delivered with each. I never noticed a smell either.

  • Evan


    Did the smell start before or after they rejected your job inquiry?


  • anon

    @Homer 1120am-Gowanus Lounge wasn’t about Gowanus; it was about everything. Geographically, it covered Williamsburg down to Coney Island, but it was about all things Brooklyn. You should visit the site and scroll through the archives to get a sense of it–with no disrespect to you, BHB or CHB (and said in my best Brooklynese accent), it was a really great site.

  • Jade

    Does anyone know what happened today near Borough Hall in front of the Marriott? There were numerous fire trucks, ambulances and police cars in front of the hotel for at least a few hours. I saw them there between 1pm and 3pm. Just curious.

  • Clarksy

    Jade, there was an electrical fire at the Marriot building today, and the building was evacuated, but firefighters got it under control in about an hour. The Brooklyn Eagle has details:

  • Elizabeth

    Does anyone know what happened to the laundromat on the south side of Montague St. between Clinton and Henry? They are completely shuttered, but I still have some clothing there! Is there any news on whether the closing is permanent, or if they will reopen at some point?

  • epc

    Re: Laundromat
    There was a fire on February 1, 2009. See

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Posters were right on in recommending Katy and Moussin. Moussin is the nicest guy in town with great service and Katy is a pro. Love them both.

    Reason I’m posting, though, is because I had two tremendous treats over the last week from neighborhood stores. Yesterday was beautiful and I sat outside of Siggy’s and had a lasagna that was fantastic. It was meatless but you would never know it. The sauce was seasoned perfectly. It was plentiful and delicious. I highly recommend it. Secondly, I had a hero made from the meat market on clark called “italian hero” that was the best sandwich I ever had. Tons of meat and cheeses plus virgin oil with a dressing that was fantastic. I like my sandwich’s moist. It was perfect.

    One more note, Tazza on Clark Street has great chocolate cup cakes that are delivered fresh on Thursday afternoon. Melts in your mouth. I prefer the choc with choc cake but can get vanilla with vanilla cake or coconut.

    I love Brooklyn Heights. Lastly, I’m looking forward to Jim’s and Mark’s adventure on the old Wine Bar location. They are working hard and it is just a matter of time. I especially like the fact that they will have omelette’s for morning breakfast. Presently, I have to walk all the way to Cafe Tabac on Smith to get an omelette that will satisfy my demanding tastes. lol

  • katy

    this is katy at browning frames. AEB- i tried calling you back (swiss clip frames?)but the number was the main switch board number at your job-and i didnt know your name or extension. sorry! btw-i can do your swiss clip frame. if you d like you can bring it by next sat? i cant understand your frustration. sometimes, when a job isnt straightforward-where you just bring the work in and have it written up right away- its tough for me to follow up as i am so busy running the shop solo. i appreciate all of my clients though! i stand by my frames 100% . They are handmade and of very high favorite part of having the shop is dealing with all of the great people in the nabe.but i definitely know where i can shape up and i take your posting seriously about gathering more details from situations like yours in the future. thanks!katy browning

  • katy

    i meant to say- I CAN understand your frustration!katy

  • Harris

    Browning Frames is great. Katy’s a business woman running a start-up business alone. She began in the hood to fill a local need and because of her custom framing experience and personal attention to individual clients, she now has even Manhattan galleries calling to use her. I have worked with her since she opened and never had a problem. Yes, she is busy and it gets hectic in there and I have waited 3-4 weeks for one of her gorgeous custom frames. Big deal. Know that she has also done a rush job for me within a week when I had to burden her.
    Sorry AEB feels the need to publicly dump on a young entrepreneur who services the neighborhood as well as Katy does.