After the Fire: Laundry Free-For-All

The Brooklyn Eagle rounds up comments from neighbors and laundry owners regarding the state of the sudsy biz after a fire destroyed the Brooklyn Heights Laundromat on February 1.   The saddest news of it all:

Brooklyn Eagle: After Fire..: George Tu, owner of the burned-out laundry at 132 Montague Street, seems unlikely to be able to repair his business. His lease expired two years ago and landlord Peter Frank has refused to agree to a new lease. Tu was still awaiting a fire marshal and insurance adjuster to assess the cause and cost of his major loss. Without a lease Tu probably would not be able to arrange a bank loan for rebuilding.

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  • Kaja

    This is pretty awful, I did my laundry there each week for the past three years. He and his wife are neighborhood fixtures.

    I picked up a bag with prettymuch all of my clothes in it the afternoon before the fire. :|

  • stew

    This sucks. I hope they are ok. In this economy, this is terrible timing.

  • beth

    oh, no. what terrible news. i wonder if we can put some pressure on the landlord? a petition? something? sigh.

  • AEB

    Not clear. Is receiving insurance contingent on having a lease? If not, why shouldn’t the receipt of same help him to “repair his business” sans loan?

  • AEB

    …that is, the receipt of insurance….

  • CJP

    He’s a good guy and I wish him well. This board is always clammoring for good mom and pop businesses…

  • Jazz


  • jim

    such Sad, Sad news…they’ve been such a part of the neighbor feel i get here in the heights. i will sorely miss them & their wonderful laundry service…what a shame

  • Marianne

    I feel really bad about this. We brought our laundry there every week. George and his wife (and co-workers) were always very friendly and willing to help out anytime. This is a great loss to Montague Street and the Heights. I wish them well.

  • nabeguy

    So if the storeowners can’t get a rebuilding loan without a lease, then doesn’t that mean that the landlord would be on the hook for the repairs? Mr. Frank, besides losing a viable, much-needed/loved business, you’re also looking at having to dig into your own posckets to make the space rental worthy. Do the math, man, and then do the right thing…give them a new lease.

  • Anonymous

    What about a brooklyn heights micro loan to Mr. Tu from everyone that does and wants to continue doing laundry there?

  • Homer Fink

    @anon 10:33am – as a member of both Prosper and Lending Club – I think you’ve got something there. Prosper is currently in a quite period, but if Mr. Tu qualifies as a borrower I’m sure the BHB Community would rally to support.

  • nabeguy

    As a former customer, I’d be glad to contribute. Mr. Tu is one of the nicest and hard working proprietors I’ve ever met.

  • AEB

    Yes, I’d contribute, too…..

    Life’s necessities: food, shelter, laundromats.

  • W.A.

    I just went to the laundromat at 78 Montague and was thrilled to see the v. friendly woman (name?) who used to work at the Tu’s place with her husband (who, unfortunatley, has not found work yet). I told the owner that we would be bringing our drop-off laundry to them now because of our old friend. I only wish they would hire her husband, too. Go and say hello to her if you can — she works everyday but Wed.