Open Thread Wednesday 2/11/09

Flickr photo by sriveraq

Flickr photo by sriveraq

What’s on your mind this week?  Comment below!

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  • Neighborhood Observer

    Love the photo of the vermillion door….but what’s the story? When I first saw it, I thought it was an interesting primer coat, but there it is months later….screaming for attention from the Landmark’s Preservation purists….

  • my2cents

    i don’t understand why people love red doors so much, nor do I get why Landmarks should care if people want to have one. It’s people’s right paint the way they want!

  • alex

    Now that the weather’s getting nicer… does anyone have suggestions for good running routes in and around the neighborhood?

  • guest

    Does anyone know what’s going on with 101 Clinton Street (between Remsen and Joralemon, where the deli is)?

  • Neighborhood Observer

    The path in Cadman Plaza Park is a great run and can be extended to include the Brooklyn Bridge or a loop through the area of the Supreme Court Building across Adams Street and through Metro Tech.

  • Neighborhood Observer

    Oops! Forgot to ask….Does anyone know the distance around the Cadman Plaza Park path? I asked in the park office and they didn’t know there was a running path!

  • henry & state

    Alex, there is the brooklyn bridge which is a great run, you can run loops around cadman plaza park, they put in a soft interior running path, you can run laps on the promenade or run the outlying of bklyn heights or btween hicks/court you can run the streets. if you want distance – run the bklyn bridge to the west side and you can run north (or south) on the path.

  • henry & state

    I “think” the cadman plaza park run is 4 outside loops = 1 mile. but you can always “map my run”.
    Also, I suggest if you run the BB, do it early – regardless of the season, it gets crowded especially weekends.

  • AEB

    Re red doors–well, there’s red and then there’s red. (This is not a koan.)

    The bottom line, I’d imagine, is whether the red in question has the proper archaic feel to it–or, rather, evokes a Pathmark banner.

    Or is red proscribed by “Landmarks”? Any red?

  • m

    working at home and getting cabin fever. where is the best place to set up camp? does conn muffin have wireless?

  • alex

    M, Go to Tazza, either near the Clark Street 2,3 or on Henry down near Atlantic. Much better ambiance than Conn Muffin.

  • lifer

    wasnt there a thread on how Tazza doesnt allow laptops on Henry street here a few months back?

  • Matt

    Why does it appear no one picks up their dogs doodie anymore? Every street has some.

  • yo

    can we get an interview, or at least a story, about the goggle twins? maybe a whole new section for BHB about “neighborhood institutions” which could cover both people and places……

  • Pierrepont

    I was just in the Clark St. Tazza over the weekend, and caught sight of their No Wireless sign, right next to the door. They must not want to contend with any of that second-hand productivity! (Seems short-sighted to me.)

  • nabeguy

    So, when are these guys going to make it to Gristedes?

  • Teresa

    Another good running route: Down Tillary and across the Manhattan Bridge, through Chinatown/Lower Manhattan, back home over the Brooklyn Bridge.

    But over the Bridge and over to the Battery Park City esplanade is my favorite…

  • kay shawn

    I need advice on which local blogs, listservs, etc, would be good for “classified” advertising for a rental house for summer. I’d like tenant prospects from folks in the Heights, Hill, Slope areas. I don’t wanna use Craig! Any suggestions welcome! Thanks.

  • Monty

    @m, there is a Starbucks on Court St in Cobble Hill that has a downstairs seating area that is an unofficial study hall for local college students. It’s active, but quiet and you can bring computers and books and hang out for hours without being bothered.

  • No One Of Consequence

    try the BrooklynHeightsParents Yahoo group

  • Homer Fink

    Kay: try this and your ad will show up in our right column above the CHB RSS headlines…

  • val

    I’d estimate the Cadman Plaza track to be 3 laps = a mile, solely going on how long it takes me to jog once around. Also, just to mix it up and go the other direction, to Fairway and back is four miles. Four and a half from north Heights.

  • m

    ended up at conn muffin and it was lovely, but had to wait for a plug.

    tazza not having wifi and starbucks being too crowded were deal breakers for me.

  • Peter

    What’s the story with the Shell station on Atlantic and Henry ?

  • hoppy


    According to this running blogger, it’s .41 miles around the park, .36 miles around the rubberized track:

  • yo

    Peter – official word was that they were just replacing the gas tanks underground. Although I read somewhere (Brownstoner I believe) that the property was sold to a developer who had plans to put up condos….

  • yo
  • Peter

    thanks yo.

    that would explain the prices for gas this summer.
    (never filled up there in 17 yrs.)

  • Jen

    The TD Bank on Montague and Court St has said “Con” for the past few days – no time/temp as usual. Does anyone else see the irony here?

  • nabeguy

    Caught that too, Jen and had a wonderul chuckle over it. I’d love to know if someone hacked the sign as a protest.